The ACS center, located in Building 201 on the Fort Myer portion of JBM-HH, offers a number of programs designed to provide real life solutions for successful living. Whether it’s essential household items from our lending closet, post orientation, information about military or civilian agencies in the area, financial planning, parenting and relationship skills, or information about employment opportunities, ACS is available to assist you with your needs.

The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The main telephone number is 703-696-3510, DSN: 426-3510, FAX: 703-696-0159. ACS programs and services are available to all single or married, active duty, retired, reserve component service members, civilian employees and all family members, including surviving family members of military personnel who died while on active duty, and family members of POW or MIA personnel. For more information, go to or .

Army Community Service offers the following programs:

Information and Referral

ACS maintains extensive resource listings for the surrounding military and civilian communities. The resource files consist of community resources, such as, social services, food stamps, schools, elder care, and much more. For more information, call 703-696-3510/2178.

Relocation Readiness Program

This program helps to reduce the stress of change and moving with up-to-date information on military installations worldwide, overseas orientations, a lending closet with basic household goods, welcome packets, multicultural services and sponsorship training. Contact the Relocation Program by calling 703-696-0156/3510 or 1-800-477-9571.

Employment Readiness Program

The Employment Readiness Program assists job seekers with their employment search strategy. Classes and services include assessing career goals, interests and skills; information on local employment opportunities; applying for federal jobs; in-house job board; resources for job training through local and DoD programs; job fairs; individual resume consultations; access to computers for job search; and teen employment opportunities. For more information, call 703-696-3510.

Financial Readiness Program

The Financial Readiness Program promotes readiness by counseling and educating service members and their families in all areas of consumer and financial topics and ensures that emergency assistance is available when needed. The mission of FRP is to reduce indebtedness and requests for emergency financial assistance and to prevent financial difficulties before they arise. Contact 703-696-0163/3510 for more information.

Personal Financial Management Training (PFMT) is an 8-hour course providing tools necessary to handle money wisely and to make informed purchasing decisions. The course is mandatory for Army specialists/corporals (E4) and below assigned to his or her first permanent duty station. PFMT is offered weekly in one full-day session. Contact 703-696-0163/3510 for more information.

Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) provides services and education for families in the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse through community awareness campaigns, life skill education classes, professional education and troop and commander briefings. FAP is divided into two areas: the enrichment program and support services, located at ACS – 703-696-3512 and intervention services (counseling), located at the Andrew Rader Clinic – 703-696-3457.

Topics offered in the enrichment program include couple and parent-child communication skills; effective management of children’s behavior; conflict management; and effective management of stress and anger in relationships.

Special programs that fall under Family Advocacy are the New Parent Support Program (NPSP) and Victim Advocacy Program (VAP).

NPSP assists parents in coping with demands of parenthood while increasing their parenting knowledge and skills, to enhance the lives of their children and reduce the occurrence of child abuse and neglect. For more information call 703-696-6368.

The VAP mission is to protect the victims of abuse and provide services to ensure that each person who is a victim of domestic violence, is provided support and assistance with safety planning, emergency shelter, assistance with court and their legal rights, and support group resources and information. For more information call 703-696-3512.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

To enhance readiness and family resiliency, EFMP enrollment is required by AR 608-75 for all active duty family members with medical and/or educational special needs. Updates are required at a minimum of every three years or sooner, as changes occur, in order for Human Resources Command (HRC) to consider all aspects of the family member’s special needs in the assignment process and avoid family member travel to areas that cannot support their special needs. Medical treatment facility EFMP Case Coordinators worldwide can assist families with the enrollment process during its initial, update, or disenrollment phases. Army Community Service EFMP managers navigate families through the maze of both military and civilian local/national resources, and ensure a warm transition during PCS. Let EFMP be the main conduit for accessing resources to meet family needs, such as, but limited to, respite care, support groups, information/follow-up, and training during in-processing, tour of duty, and out-processing. For more information, call 703-696-3510.

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

A Soldier must always be ready for whatever the mission requires. AER helps ensure financial emergencies do not interfere with readiness. The program helps to prevent lack of such basic needs as food, shelter and utilities through loans, or in dire circumstances, grants. For more information, call 703-696-3510/8435.

Army Volunteer Corps

Army Volunteer Corps links volunteers with programs and community agencies that offer volunteer opportunities. Volunteering provides an opportunity to experience new career fields, gain additional training and become involved in meaningful work experiences. Contact 703-696-3510 for more information.

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

AFTB is a volunteer-led organization with a central tenet: provide training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the total Army effort. Strong families are the pillar of support behind strong service personnel. It is AFTB’s mission to educate and train all of the Army in knowledge, skills and behaviors designed to prepare Army Families to move successfully into the future. AFTB contributes to the Army mission by educating and training the Army family to be self-sufficient leaders within their communities. AFTB Level I focus on the basic skills and knowledge needed to live the military life. Level II allows the participant to grow into a community leader. Finally, Level III goes into inspiring and mentoring others into leadership positions. For more information, call 703-696-3510.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

AFAP is a grassroots level forum for Soldiers, civilians, retirees and Family members to identify issues that affect quality of life and propose solutions that build self-reliance. The AFAP process further unites Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and keeps all levels of the chain of command informed. Delegates from units on post and installation families represent America’s Army Family by identifying, developing and prioritizing unit/community/ installation quality of life issues. To get involved in the AFAP process, call 703-696-3510.

Mobilization, Deployment & Family Readiness

The Mobilization, Deployment & Family Readiness Program provides Soldiers and emergency-essential civilians, their families, Family Readiness Group leaders, Family Readiness Support assistants, command teams/rear detachment command teams and activated Guard and Reserve forces the necessary training and resources to ensure mission readiness. Included are the tools for learning and preparing for stability and support operations (includes mass casualties, evacuation and natural disasters) and all phases of the deployment cycle: pre-deployment, deployment and post-deployment. These tools and materials are designed to support unit commanders in preparing service members, civilian employees and their families for ongoing military operations. Additionally, the Mobilization, Deployment & Family Readiness Program provides support for Non-combatant Evacuation Operations and Repatriation. For more information, training and support options, call 703-696-3510.

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)

Survivor Outreach Services demonstrates the Army’s commitment to Families of the Fallen by supporting them for as long as they desire. Our mission is to provide enhanced services to Surviving Families by delivering services that help them manage their bereavement and financial needs by using a holistic and multi-agency approach. Service delivery is provided closest to where the Survivor resides or desires. Contact 703-696-8846/ 8847.