The first contact military, civilian personnel and families make at a new duty station sets the tone for the tour that follows. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) personnel recognize this and seek to smooth the transition in numerous ways. Here under “In-processing,” is a set of services you may need right away. An all-inclusive list of services available follows this section. See the center of this guide for maps of JBM-HH and the Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia communities

Soldier In-Processing

JBM-HH Army Personnel and Finance In-Processing is held daily from 8 to 11:15 a.m. in Building 230, Room 117, on the Fort Myer portion of JBM-HH.

The installation level in-processing program –- also known as “Start Right” – is held every Thursday from 11:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Building 230, Room 117.

On Thursdays, all of the JBM-HH community programs are presented to Soldiers and Family members. To save time and frustration, personnel new to the JBM-HH community and Pentagon agencies – including military personnel and family members – should attend this program that brings together in-processing services, legal assistance, child and youth services and TRICARE.

Attendance at “Start Right” is not mandatory for general officers, colonels in command and equivalent command sergeants major per local command policy. Colonels not in command and below are required to attend “Start Right.” Newly assigned Soldiers should attend “Start Right” on the first Thursday after their arrival.

Soldiers are required to turn in military personnel, medical and dental records, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, Duty Memorandum and DA Form 31 (Leave Form signed by their incoming agency). It is critically important to make sure the date signed out from losing organization and date signed in to new organization is 100 percent accurate on DA Form 31. Soldiers experience delays in receiving military pay when documents are not properly authenticated and contain incorrect information. The proper uniform is BDU, ACU or Class B uniform during in-processing. For more information, call 703-696-0343.

Marine In-Processing

New-join personnel should report to Henderson Hall Consolidated Administrative Center, Building 29 (703-614-7171), during work hours or to the Duty Officer at the Duty Hut in Building 29 (703-614-2014), after work hours. A “Welcome Aboard” Orientation is mandatory for personnel O-3 and below. Family members are welcome and civilian attire is recommended. The orientation is from 8 to 11 a.m.; there is a free walking tour of the Henderson Hall portion of the joint base following the brief and a bus tour of the local area tour at 12:30 p.m. Call Marine & Family Programs at 703-614-7200 or check out

Army Civilian Newcomers Orientation

A “Newcomers Orientation” specifically for Army civilian employees is usually held the second Wednesday of every other month from 8 a.m. to noon in the Education Center, Building 417. This orientation introduces new civilian employees to the JBM-HH community and provides information on the JBM-HH mission, functions, current policies and procedures. Additionally, it introduces key support staff and outlines programs and available resources. Both appropriated and non-appropriated employees are welcome. For more information and to sign up for the orientation, call 703-696-5779.

Household items to get you started

The Army Community Service Lending Closet, Building 201, Fort Myer, and the Marine Corps Community Services Lending Locker, Building 12, Henderson Hall, provide temporary loan of household items to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) families -- arriving or departing personnel -- who are without their household items.

The Lending Closet offers basic essentials such as pots and pans, dishes, irons, sleeping mats, folding tables, chairs and baby items. Linens are not provided.

The Lending Locker has futons, pots and pans, ironing boards and irons, coffee makers, plates with silverware, alarm clocks and vacuum cleaners.

These items are available to active duty military members and their families; DOD civilians with a CAC are also eligible. Be sure to bring your military or family member ID card to check out items.

For more information, for Marines call 703-614-7202 or 703-614-7200 at Henderson Hall for the Lending Locker; Army personnel call 703-696-3510 for the Lending Closet at Fort Myer.

Temporary Lodging

There is temporary lodging at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall’s Wainwright Hall, on the Fort Myer portion of JBM-HH – Intercontinental Hotels Group – open 24 hours, seven days a week. Phone them at 703-696-3576/3577, DSN 426-3576/3577. Web site: Also, see the Marine Corps Community Services Web page for “Relocation” at

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