The mission of the Fire and Emergency Service Division is to save lives, protect property and protect the environment from hazardous situations, both manmade and natural. The department is on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with thirty-two lead firefighters, firefighter/EMT’s and firefighter/paramedics to provide assistance to the base residents and employees when called upon. In addition to the firefighters and paramedics, there is one district fire chief, two battalion chiefs and two fire inspectors in the department for a total of 38 personnel.

The department’s activities include fire protection, fire suppression, fire prevention, public safety education, hazardous material handling and emergency medical responses. The firefighters maintain a high level of training and qualification to respond and provide the services needed in each situation. The department personnel are also trained and certified as operators of emergency vehicles that include structural pumpers, a 75’ ladder truck equipped with a pump, brush trucks, a Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle and an ambulance. The emergency medical personnel are certified as paramedics and provide Advanced Life Support when needed, as well as CPR and other vital training to all base employees and residents.

The Prevention Division is responsible for conducting fire and life safety inspections, reviewing new construction and renovation plans, attending pre-construction meetings with contractors, investigation of fires and issuing open flame permits. This division also manages the fire prevention and safety program for the base. This vital program includes inspections of the child care facilities, which includes in-home child care inspections. The inspectors also conduct emergency evacuation drills for base employees and provide educational and hands-on activities for base employees and residents. The Prevention Division has just received a new portable Fire Extinguisher Trainer, which allows us to conduct the required fire extinguisher training for all personnel at your site.

Currently, the phone system for the base is not 911 compliant. If you dial 911 in the event of an emergency, the call will be taken at the Charles County Emergency Dispatch Center in LaPlata, Md. Dialing 911 could possibly add a delay to the response of the emergency vehicles and cause further harm. In the event of a medical, fire or other emergency requiring the services of the Emergency Services Division, please dial (301)-744-4333.