Senior-level civilian embarks on military career

Ensign Calvin Farmer, left, is sworn in to the Navy Reserve by NAVAIR Sustainment Readiness and Resource Analysis Military Director Capt. Gary Powe.

Transitioning from military to civilian service is a shared experience among NAVAIR employees. Calvin Farmer, a 15-year civil servant and head of Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Sustainment Group Advanced Analytics and Innovation Branch, set out on a different path when took the oath to become an ensign in the Navy Reserve July 12.

At 36, Farmer is five years shy of the Reserve’s maximum age for joining. He said that since becoming a father four years ago, he felt a need to go beyond his employment at NAVAIR and honor those who have served. “I want to uphold and ensure the freedoms and opportunities I’ve enjoyed for so long for my family,” he explained. “My son inspired me to heed this calling.”

As a civilian, Farmer supervises a team of 26 responsible for providing actionable data and readiness data analysis tools to the fleet using computer science, statistics, data mining, database fundamentals, predictive modeling, interactive programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. As the aircraft engineering duty officer with the NAVAIR Reserve Program Executive Office, Farmer will be the most junior officer in his unit as well as the eldest among his peers.

NAVAIR Aviation Readiness and Resource Analysis Director Tracy Burruss said the Navy Reserve and NAVAIR will both benefit from Farmer’s civilian and military experiences. “NAVAIR leadership often speaks about how newly-hired veterans bring the fleet’s points of view to the command and enhances how we approach the work,” she said. “Mr. Farmer will have visibility into both domains and be able to assess our products and services from a provider and a customer perspective.”

Farmer is scheduled to attend Direct Commissioning Officer School this fall in Newport, Rhode Island. “I‘ve had a great civilian career with many opportunities to serve my country,” he said. “I look forward to taking on the challenge of being a father, Navy civilian and Navy Reservist.”