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How to update your disability status via MyBiz

For first time users, please register your CAC-enabled account through, and follow the prompt for “Register Here.” After registration, or for returning MyBiz users, log in at and under “Smart Card Access,” log in with your CAC (non-email certificate).

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Personal” detail page.

2. Expand upon the “Disability” section.

3. Select one of the 35 disability statuses by choosing the category that pertains to you. To assist in your selection, scroll through the list and read the “Description” to view the complete disability status descriptions with examples.

4. Click “update” to save the changes.

Note: This system, much like the hardcopy SF-256, will only allow an individual to select one disability status. In the case of an individual who identifies as having more than one disability, he or she should select the one disability that they feel is most appropriate and/or representative.

Disability information is kept strictly confidential and is only reported in the aggregate without information that could identify you personally as having a disability. Questions or concerns regarding your disability information, or NAVAIR’s reasonable accommodations program, can be addressed safely and confidentially with your local Equal Employment Opportunity office and site Disability Program Manager.