The novel coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity for malicious actors to conduct spearphishing campaigns, financial scams, and disinformation campaigns via social media to collect sensitive information, steal money via fake donation websites, spread false information, and deliver malwa…

Navy medical personnel assigned to Expeditionary Medical Facility-M (EMF-M) have deployed as part of a U.S. Northern Command-led COVID-19 response to support civil health authorities in existing facilities in New Orleans and Dallas.


One year after first hitting the fleet, a unique F/A-18 analytical tool, Hornet Health Assessment and Readiness Tool (HhART), continues to benefit the warfighter and demonstrate how a mix of big data analytics and engineering can serve as an accelerator for U.S. Navy aircraft readiness.

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A group of scientists and engineers at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River recently had a unique opportunity to participate in an innovative, two-week training course designed to help them better understand how warfighters use the systems they develop and test.