An active-shooter call at the Beach House Feb. 4 marked the first simulated drill to occur during Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain (CSSC), the Navy’s annual two-week anti-terrorism/force protection exercise designed to test the training and readiness of NAS Patuxent River security personnel and first responders.

Emergency responders on scene included law enforcement who engaged and neutralized the shooter along with fire and emergency services personnel who assisted the simulated injured. Other drills, played out over the next few days, involved a vehicular gate runner, flight line breach at Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron (VQ) 4, suspicious package near the Air Traffic Control Tower, unauthorized drone surveillance, and a bomb threat.

During all the drills, safety observers and evaluators in bright yellow vests surveyed the responders in action and made notes on clipboards.

“These exercises really bring together the security and emergency personnel and broaden our capabilities throughout the installation,” said Master-at-Arms First Class Max Keenan, an Anti-Terrorism Training Team evaluator.

Ongoing this week is the Solid Curtain portion of the exercise, consisting of national-level exercises centered on command, control and communications between all echelons Navywide.

At the end of both weeks, an in-depth briefing will occur within each agency to review the individual drills and discuss what went right or wrong, followed by a detailed After-Action Report created for all of the events that is then sent to the region.

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