Unwanted office furniture, equipment requires proper DRMO disposal procedures

Shelly Franck, with the Property Disposal Office at NAS Patuxent River, stands near a forklift carrying government property that has been turned in for transport to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO). There are proper procedures that must be followed by anyone wishing to get rid of unwanted or unused furniture, or other government-owned property.

No longer need that extra desk chair or the cabinet that’s taking up space in your office? While it may be tempting to simply shove these unwanted items into a closet and close the door, there is a required procedure to follow for properly disposing of all government-owned property.

The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office — better known as DRMO — is the place to turn in excess or old unwanted items that are no longer needed, but that another installation or ship might be able to use. This can include furniture, aircraft parts, forklifts, safes, lawnmowers and myriad other varied and sundry items that are still in good and working condition.

The DRMO for NAS Patuxent River is Fort Meade, and there are basically two ways to get unwanted goods to the facility:

  • Transport them directly to the DRMO. All turn-ins are by appointment only, and that appointment will not be possible until the necessary paperwork has been processed and approved online at www.dispostionservices.dla.mil. Call 301-677-3638 for an appointment.
  • Transport them to the Property Disposal Office at Pax River where they will then be picked up by truck and taken to the DRMO. An appointment is necessary for that also, as well as the same processed and approved paperwork. Call 301-342-1868 or 301-342-4687 for an appointment.

“The paperwork is filled out through a system known as ETIDS (Electronic Turn-in Documents), where you can generate a [form] 1348-1a to turn in to DRMO that is approved by DLA (Defense Logistics Agency),” explained Logistics Specialist 1st Class Mecaela Bellolampkin, with Air Operations/Ground Electronics Maintenance Division. “This has to be approved first before making an appointment with [the Property Disposal Office or] DRMO. You also have to create an account to gain access to ETIDS.”

Once paperwork is entered on ETIDS, the system will note the submitted document as “pending” and the submitting activity can track its progress through approval.

“If it gets rejected, DRMO will send you a comment and you can click on that to open it and find out why it’s been rejected,” explained Shelly Franck, with the Pax River Property Disposal Office. “Some people don’t realize you can do this. Sometimes, it will even tell you what you need to do to get it approved. Some specific activities, like the health clinic, also require their own additional paperwork. “

Once approval has been received, if the unwanted goods are going to the Property Disposal Office at Pax, the activity is responsible for getting the items over to their location in Building #604, on Whalen Road — palletized and shrink wrapped, if necessary — with the appropriate number of paperwork copies in hand.

“We don’t supply pallets, they have to arrange for that,” Franck noted. “Anything we can’t offload with our 5,000-pound forklift, the customer is responsible for offloading and then reloading it when I get a DRMO truck here to pick it up. Some activities transport their disposed property directly to the DRMO, but they must make an appointment and be certain their paperwork is approved.”

Whenever her storage space fills up, Franck arranges for a DRMO truck to visit Pax River to pick up turned in items and clear the space out; and because of limited storage space, the periodic nature of truck arrivals from DRMO, and the disposal office only being open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, activities are asked to be patient when it comes to the disposal process.

“We’re currently working about a month out, so people need to plan a little in advance and expect to wait a bit to be able to get their stuff moved out,” Franck noted. “Whenever I call DRMO to send a truck, it’s supposed to come in two weeks, but it doesn’t always.”

Hard drives in computers and other related items must be properly destroyed prior to disposing of them through DRMO.

“It is critical to remove hard drives for proper disposal,” stated Pam Kobus, IT Specialist for NAS Command. “DRMO will not accept computers with hard drives still in them. All commands should have a hard drive disposal policy in place, and people should contact their command IT specialist for assistance. And don’t forget that some printers and scanners also have hard drives, so it should be made clear that it’s not just computer hard drives that need to be removed before disposal.”

Metal or wood furniture that is broken, damaged, and therefore not of use elsewhere may be disposed of as scrap wood and metal. For scrap wood, contact Lt. Sonny Rowland, Public Works, at 301-995-1817; for scrap metal contact the Pax River Recycling Center at 301-342-1509.

The Property Disposal Office at Pax River is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday only; and is closed 11 a.m. to noon for lunch.

To check out DRMO items for sale to the public online, visit governmentliquidation.com.