With our constantly changing mission requirements and a base population exceeding 22,000 personnel, and with more activities working second and third shifts, both pedestrians and drivers must be especially cautious along the roadways.

Pedestrian crossing lights throughout the base help pedestrians cross the street safely, and help drivers see them. However, the lights only work when they are properly utilized. When you are ready to cross the street, press the button but then look for traffic to make sure cars have stopped. Too often, either pedestrians do not activate the light at all or they hit the button as they rush into the crosswalk, not giving vehicles adequate time to stop safely for them.

If you are driving, remember that pedestrians always have the right of way in crosswalks, with or without the use of the flashing crossing lights. You must stop for them at all marked crosswalks and wait for them to cross the street completely before proceeding.

For everyone’s safety, remember to cross only at marked crosswalks, use the pedestrian crossing lights, and look to make sure vehicles are stopped before crossing the roadway. The couple of seconds it takes to ensure your own safety could prevent an injury or death.