PMA-201 demonstrates SBIR technology to advance aerial refueling

The ASDRS/ORS Test team in the AEDC Full Scale Wind Tunnel, August 2019.

In August, successful wind tunnel testing and demonstration combining two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects in simulated flight took place at the AEDC National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) 40 by 80 wind tunnel at NASA Ames, California.

Research under SBIR topic N07-172 lead to the development of Actively Stabilized Refueling Drogue System (ASDRS) by Analytical Mechanical Associated (AMA); a system that is able to counteract disturbances on the aerial refueling drogue in flight. Integrated with the N15A-T014 effort developed by Coherent Technical Services, Inc. (CTI), the Innovative Instrumentation Package: Optical Reference System (ORS), an image processing system that can determine drogue position with Hi-Resolution video has resulted in a more stable aerial refueling platform. These began as two separate Science and Technology efforts in response to two independent needs.