AC1 Damon Haney

AC1 Damon Haney was selected as NDW FY2021 Region Sailor of the Year for his outstanding leadership, work ethic, and performance of duties as NAS Patuxent River’s Naval Air Training Operations Procedures Standardization Instructor RADAR Branch Chief. Haney manages the training, qualification, and designation of 128 personnel, both active-duty and civilian, yielding 1,471 hours On-the-Job Instruction and 608 under instruction ground controlled approaches. His scope of responsibilities far exceeds the level of a First Class Petty Officer (FCPO), and he is currently serving in an arduous gapped Chief Petty Officer billet. As the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Division’s RADAR Branch Chief, he is responsible for safety of operations within the Patuxent River RADAR Approach Control area of jurisdiction, encompassing 8,375 square miles of airspace around the National Capital Region (NCR).

As a Facility Watch Supervisor (FWS) who is qualified in all 15 positions in the ATC facility, he is responsible to the Commanding Officer for the 24 hours a day, seven days a week safe operation of the ATC division and ATC tower. AC1 Haney consistently utilizes his extensive rating expertise and professional knowledge to establish policy and maintain a high level of ATC procedures, resulting in the safe completion of 60,485 flight operations for over 50 mission partners. He managed, revised, and updated a NATOPS procedural library consisting of 38 Letters of Agreement with Federal Aviation Administration entities and military ATC facilities within the NCR.