Pax MWR offers Summer Reading Program for all ages

Pax MWR offers Summer Reading Program for all ages

Log your reading minutes, earn badges, and win prizes with the NAS Patuxent River MWR Community Recreation Summer Reading Program. Register at https://NASPaxRiver.beanstack.org.

If ever there was a year to escape from our routines and stresses, it’s 2020; and while we may not be able to do that physically, we can do it through the pages of a book by signing up with MWR Community Recreation’s Summer Reading Program.

Open through Aug. 31 for individuals of all ages, the program allows participants to accumulate minutes read and earn badges and prizes along the way. Anyone interested can register at https://NASPaxRiver.beanstack.org and click “Register an Individual or Family.”

“Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to start logging your minutes read,” said Jen Beavers, NAS Patuxent River community recreation director. “Once you’ve earned a badge, it’ll tell you what prize you have won and how to collect it. If you’ve participated in past reading programs, you just need to click the ‘Sign In’ button.”

The more participants read, the more badges they’ll earn and the better the prizes will be.

“There are also activity badges with different items listed to be checked off,” Beavers noted. “Once all reading minute badges and activity badges have been completed, they earn a completion badge with a prize.”

Prizes vary depending on age groups but babies and toddlers can win items such as blankets and wooden puzzles; slime beakers, growing crystals, and water bottles for 5-12 years; wireless speakers, pop sockets, portable phone chargers for teens; and boat tote bags, coffee mugs or a tool set keychain for adults.

Normally, prizes would be collected at the Ticket and Travel Office, but with COVID-19 restrictions, there will be designated dates and times announced on the MWR Facebook page where winners can drive up to Tickets and Travel for curbside pickup.

“The more participants we have, the more funding we’ll receive for next year’s Summer Reading Program,” Beavers said. “Normally we have kickoff and end of summer reading events, but we’re having to do things differently this year. We’re hoping our numbers will be high, though, so we can go all out next year.”

CNIC is also sponsoring a separate “DoD MWR Virtual Summer Reading Program,” running through Aug. 31, and anyone eligible for MWR services can also participate in that one by registering at https://DoDVirtualSRP.beanstack.org.

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