Navy looking to optimize E8/E9 assignments

Master Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officers may soon find themselves rotating to assignments better matched to their paygrade, according to a message released Sept. 9.

NAVADMIN 202/21 announces the evaluation of all E8 and E9s who are assigned in excess of the billet paygrade (E9 in an E8 billet, etc.), and those who are aligned to unfunded billet requirements. The goal of this optimization plan is to ensure our most experienced enlisted Sailors are aligned to billets which specifically need their training, leadership and experience. Sailors in misaligned billets will start moving in early FY2022.

“It’s important that we have senior leaders filling jobs that correspond to the paygrade we are paying them for,” said Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Force Master Chief Chris Detje. “We’re placing an emphasis on operational readiness and are prioritizing those units that reflect our identity as a sea service and billets overseas.”

NPC kicked off the execution of this plan by hosting a virtual Senior Enlisted Manning Summit Sept. 13-17 with Fleet Readiness Integrators (FRI), Type Commanders (TYCOM) and Budget Submitting Office (BSO) personnel staffs. The plan will lead to the realignment of Senior and Master Chief Petty Officers into billets appropriate to their skills.

Summit attendance was governed by applicable HPCON level restrictions and each stakeholder needed to register.

NPC will identify those misaligned senior enlisted Sailors and provide that list to FRIs, TYCOMs and BSO personnel staffs. These manning stakeholders then must review the misaligned personnel and fleet vacancies to provide recommendations at the manning summit.

“Fleet readiness is our number one priority, we are using those needs to guide all of our actions,” said Detje.

For more details read NAVADMIN 202/21 at