Each October, The U.S. Navy recognizes Energy Action Month to highlight the critical role energy plays in Navy operations and the importance of energy innovation to ensure continued resilience and combat climate change.

The 2021 theme “Efficient, Reliable & Resilient” spotlights the ways Navy installations are modernizing energy infrastructure, optimizing performance and leveraging clean reliable energy to meet mission needs, protect Sailors and enhance our warfighting capabilities.

“The Navy mission begins and ends at the shore, which is why it’s essential for our installations to have uninterrupted, reliable and high quality power necessary to meet the evolving needs of the service,” stated Keith Benson, Director Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Headquarters Energy. “As shore operations and combat systems advance, they will need increasingly more power of higher quality and greater resilience. Navy teams work diligently to modernize installation infrastructure to maintain mission readiness and we’re pleased to celebrate that important work during Energy Action Month.”

CNIC collaborates closely with Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), which executes CNIC’s installation development strategy. In the past year, they’ve made remarkable progress towards ensuring long-term energy security, efficiency and environmental stewardship. Among their advancements, they’ve overhauled the process for tracking installation energy progress with their recently implemented Installation Energy Program Summaries (IEPS), which established baseline current and future energy generation and transmission requirements.

“I’m proud of the Navy Energy team’s accomplishments in the past year and look forward to expanding on that success,” said Matthew Haupt, Director NAVFAC Headquarters Energy. “We continue tackling installation energy security challenges holistically through projects that optimize efficiencies, lower costs, improve backup power options and increase our ability to complete the mission.”

Across the shore enterprise, the Navy has bolstered energy efficiency with a new program rewarding installations with energy savings; optimized energy processes to increase efficiency; and invested in renewable energy. Installations diversified their energy supplies by installing micro-grid systems, solar facilities and fuel cells. The Navy was also the first service to meet the Office of the Secretary of Defense 2021 Installation Energy Plan (IEP) completion deadline, finishing all 72 IEPS one year ahead of schedule.

“These initiatives ensure long-term efficiency, resilience and reliability for installation energy and water, which are force multipliers of military readiness,” said Haupt.