Navy announces new Detailing Marketplace Assignment Policy

The Navy will offer a wide range of incentives to Sailors as an enticement to stay at sea in critical operational billets. The key in this change is a new Detailing Marketplace Assignment Policy (DMAP), which will replace the existing Sea Shore Flow policy. Announced in NAVADMIN 280/21 on Dec. 9, the policy officially kicks off March 1, 2022.

For Sailors in the most sea intensive ratings, opportunities include a new incentive pay, advancements, and future shore duty priority in exchange for spending more time on sea duty. Those in ratings that are not in the first phase of DMAP will still see non-monetary incentives, such as new credits for staying at sea.

“In order to reduce gaps at sea and address Sailors’ desires for more options and flexibility, DMAP will expand Sailor options beyond the Sea Shore Flow Enlisted Career Paths,” wrote Vice Adm. John. B. Nowell, Jr. chief of naval personnel in the message.

“DMAP intends to improve fleet manning by rewarding Sailors in sea-intensive ratings who stay Navy and stay on sea duty longer than the current five-year maximum.”

For most of the last 50 years, the Navy has held the line on sea tour lengths, allowing no more than five years at a stretch, in even the most sea-intensive ratings. The reality is those tours needed to be longer, even closer to seven years in many ratings, for proper at-sea manning.

The result has been gapped billets and undermanned crews as Sailors are rotated ashore, adding to the arduous nature of sea duty by asking more of fewer Sailors.

This under manning hinders the service’s ability to implement quality of life improvements such as circadian rhythm watch bills and more in-port duty sections that would increase opportunities for leave and liberty and improve Fleet readiness.

Phase 1 starts March 1 with four ratings: Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuels), Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Aircraft (Handling), Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) and Culinary Specialist.

The remaining 12 sea-intensive ratings will be gradually phased in to DMAP along with the rest of the enlisted ratings as the policy matures.

These changes are the result of a multi-year effort consisting of focus groups and surveys with Sailors from around the fleet. Based on Sailor feedback, career options and incentives for Sailors in sea-intensive ratings will expand both during and after completing four years on their first sea tour as an Apprentice (E4 and below). At this point, incentives will be offered to serve a follow-on, three-year sea tour at the Journeyman (E5) level. This is called the DMAP 4+3 Sea Tour Option.

After completing the initial four years, the incentives kick in to reward Sailors who commit to the Navy for the follow-on three year sea tour. Here’s a look at the incentives on the table.

Advance-to-Position (A2P) gives E4 Sailors eligible for E5 the chance to apply for an E5 sea duty assignment in the detailing market place, and if selected, be permanently advanced to that paygrade once in the job. Sailors must have passed their most recent Navy Wide Advancement Exam but have not yet been selected for advancement. They must also extend or reenlist to meet the three-year tour length.

Command Advance-to-Position (CA2P) allows Commanding Officers to retain top-performing, advancement-eligible E4 Sailors who have not yet entered the detailing marketplace by permanently advancing them to E5 to fill a vacant, or projected to become vacant, E5 billet at their current command.

These Sailors advance to E5 upon filling the E5 position at their current command. Similar to A2P, Sailors must have enough obligate service to complete a total of seven years at their command, including any training pipelines. If necessary, they must extend or reenlist to fill the billet. This is a great option for Sailors looking for geolocation stability.

Starting March 1, 2022, CA2P replaces MAP for the four Phase I ratings at the E4 to E5 advancement point and will only be available at afloat commands.

Detailing Marketplace Incentive Pay (DMIP) is an extra monthly payment for Sailors who take the 4+3 sea duty option, which they will receive for the entire three-year Journeyman sea tour. Initial DMIP rates will be between $200 and $800 per month, depending on location and type of sea duty.

All Sailors on sea duty will now earn what’s called Continuous Sea Duty Credits (CSDC). A Sailor starts accruing credits when reporting to sea duty and the counter is reset each time a Sailor reports to shore duty. These credits come into play when negotiating shore duty orders. Those with the most credits will get priority consideration in the assignment process giving them an edge when competing for highly sought-after positions. When two equally qualified Sailors are competing for a position, these sea duty credits will serve as the tiebreaker.

“DMAP Phase I represents the first step towards a truly dynamic, Sailor-focused Detailing Marketplace that will improve Fleet readiness and enrich Sailors’ careers,” Nowell wrote.

“Lessons learned from DMAP Phase I will inform subsequent phases and the expansion of Detailing Marketplace incentive options to Sailors in additional ratings.”

More details, including points of contact, are available in the NAVADMIN.