NAVSUP: Early preparation critical this Peak Moving Season

Peak Moving Season is in full swing, which means early preparation is critical to ensuring servicemembers’ Household Goods Moves (HHG) go as planned.

“The first and most important step to ensuring your move goes well is preparing your move application upon receipt of orders,” said Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Navy Household Goods Director Jay Yerkey. “Don’t wait. This year, available dates for moves are limited by labor shortages in many areas of the Continental United States (CONUS) and Hawaii. Putting off doing your move application could result in your household goods not arriving to their destination till after your report date.”

After submitting their application to the Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO), members can check the status of their application to ensure that a moving company, packout, and pickup dates are being assigned as the application is processed. If, after 10 days from submitting their shipment application to the PPPO, members have not receive a response of notification that their application is being processed, it is important to contact the PPPO. When processed, members will receive an automated email indicating their HHG Shipment has been assigned to a moving company. If, after two business days, members have not been contacted by the moving company to confirm their pickup dates (within the seven-day spread window), they should contact the PPPO for assistance.

This year, movers are using a seven-day spread window for the pickup of HHG shipments. For seven calendar days following their requested pickup date, members are required to be available to facilitate the pickup of their shipment. However, this required availability does not include weekends and holidays. This seven day spread should be calculated into the member’s decision when selecting a pickup date during their shipment application.

Members should be flexible as adjustments to requested pickup dates may occur. Additionally, members may need to conduct an approved Personally Procured Move (PPM) if a government moving company is unavailable to meet requirements by a certain date.

Starting the moving process

Members can start the move process by going to HTTPS://WWW.NAVSUP.NAVY.MIL/HOUSEHOLD and reviewing the various Defense Personal Property System (DPS) /guides along with basic entitlement information. An application may be created by logging into DPS at WWW.DPS.MOVE.MIL . There, members can reactivate a previous DPS account or create a new one. When the application is completed, members should print, sign and upload all required signed documents, such as Power-of-Attorney, for example. Including all required documentation is vital as it will expedite the approval process; applicants cannot be processed without all required signed documents and orders.

Members should be aware that if the moving company fails to pick up their household goods on the confirmed date, they could be entitled to an Inconvenience Claim (IC) to offset out-of-pocket expenses incurred. While members should start by communicating with their moving company, the PPPO is available in case assistance is needed or further questions come up. Further, due to the risk of delays and other unforeseen circumstances, members should avoid submitting notice to vacate or selling their residence prior to their shipment being accepted by a moving company. Additionally, members should avoid terminating rental/lease agreements until firm packout and pickup dates have been confirmed by their assigned moving company.

If a request date cannot be met and a service member is unavailable, members may also designate a Releasing Agent (such as a spouse, mother, father, sister, etc.). The Releasing Agent can act on behalf of the member, being available for the packout and pickup dates and signing all required documents. The legal office is not needed to designate a Releasing Agent. A signed note stating the intended designation will suffice. For example: I appoint (name of individual), (phone number) (email) my attorney-in-fact to sign all documents required for the packout and pickup of my Personal Property Shipment. Stating the name and contact information (phone and email) of the Releasing Agent is sufficient for documentation.

“The average lead time for processing move applications during Peak Season months can be up to six weeks in some markets,” Yerkey added. “Timing is critical to avoiding delays of Household Goods shipments.”

Where to find information

Additional questions may be submitted via email to HOUSEHOLDGOODS@NAVY.MIL or by calling 1-855-HHG-MOVE (1-855-444-6683). For your convenience, Navy Household Goods can also be found on Facebook at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NAVYHHG ; on YouTube at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/NAVYHHG ; and Pinterest at: WWW.PINTEREST.COM/NAVYHHG.