NAVAIR is looking for new leaders

NAVAIR is looking for new leaders

NAVAIR Leadership Development Program participants, from left, Jenny Scott, Mel Blade and Steven Mason, discuss their experiences in the program at an application seminar Oct. 17 in Patuxent River, Md. “I have loved this program; I’ve made a lot of network connections, gained mentors and became a mentor myself,” Scott explained.

An application seminar held at NAS Patuxent River Oct. 17 helped employees prepare to apply to the next cohort of the NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP).

Applications must be submitted by March 6, 2020.

NLDP is the command’s flagship leadership program, designed to give participants the opportunity to broaden their leadership, management, organizational knowledge and world view, while establishing networks with their peers and senior leaders across the command, the Navy and the Department of Defense. In 2020, the program will change to include a requirement for participants to mentor a midgrade-level employee in the Journey Leadership Development Program.

Participants in the 2020 cohort will hone their leadership and productivity skills by learning about a variety of topics, including cognitive awareness, interpersonal relationships, business acumen, conflict management, diversity and entrepreneurship. Courses are taught by a range of government leaders and are held at various sites nationwide. Participants also shadow a senior leader, find a formal mentor and embark on a job rotation within their three years in the program.

On average, NLDP participants are four times more likely to be promoted and eight times more likely to be promoted to a higher level position.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity – do not pass it up. Take full advantage,” said Greg Yellman, acting director of the Command Operations Group, at the seminar. Yellman graduated from the Senior Executive Management Development Program, the predecessor to NLDP, and said he still remembers the lessons he learned and people he met even 25 years later.

The application seminar included a presentation on how to apply and how to write the application package. Applicants must focus on the five executive core qualifications identified by the Office of Personnel Management to assess their experience and potential:

• Leading change

• Leading people

• Results-driven

• Business acumen

• Building coalitions

A panel of current NLDP participants also spoke about their experiences, praising the networking and mentoring components of the program.

Applicants must be mid- to senior grade civilian employees or military members. For more information, visit the NAVAIR careers website. A second application seminar will be held Nov. 5.