‘Moms on the Move!’ class combines exercise, childcare

Moms doing bicep curls during Moms on the Move! while answering the call of motherhood. Multitasking at its best.

There is a program offered at NAS Patuxent River that combines fitness, networking, childcare inclusion, certification, and so much more. The NAS Patuxent River Morale, Welfare, and Recreation center has created a fitness program that builds confidence, gives encouragement, and helps participants achieve fitness goals.

Mom’s on the Move!, is a dynamic program for those moms who want to work out and may not have an idea of where to start. The program is aimed at mothers, but Pam Brennan, assistant fitness coordinator and instructor of Mom’s on the Move!, said all are welcomed.

“We have husbands who want to help their wives get over that initial fear of group workouts, we have grandmothers in the program,” said Brennan. “The great thing about this program is it meets you where you are and that’s why all are welcome.”.

Brennan’s commitment to the MWR fitness program brought her to where she is today. Starting out as a flex employee more than four years ago, her commitment caught the eye of former Mom’s on the Move! director Hillary Grim, a local triathlete. Brennan would stand in for her in the class when Grim was competing, and after Grim transferred, Brennan took over the program.

Most fitness services in the area are too costly and do not include child care. Moms on the Move!, offers one hour fitness sessions, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., Tuesdays and Fridays, for those of all ages and fitness levels. The program allows parents the opportunity to enjoy a well-balanced workout without the strain of hiring a babysitter, continuous networking opportunity, self-confidence building, and the formation of lasting friendships.

Brennan’s enthusiasm for the program is evident. She can name each member of her 32-member class without hesitation and won’t begin a workout session until she is confident that each class member has a clear understanding of the movements.

Moms on the Move! is meant to be an outreach that goes beyond a simple fitness class. Brennan is the sole representative for the program, but staff and class members who are looking to gain certification in the world of fitness are encouraged to lead these classes. Emphasis on correct form, full body movement, agility, cardio, and strength are a few of the areas in which seasoned members and those obtaining their certifications are encouraged to showcase their knowledge and skill set.

Mona Floyd, a class member and breast cancer survivor, said the class is inspiring her journey into fitness training and helping others, especially those who are also breast cancer survivors.

“After being a part of this class, I just want to help others,” said Floyd. “In a perfect world I’d love to develop more classes with Pam and encourage cancer survivors with fitness classes that lead to a healthier life.”

A unique aspect of the class is that children are welcome, and each brings their personality to the class, said Brennan.

“Each child reacts differently,” said Brennan. “We have those that stick to their momma’s leg, we have those that run and play, then we have the one who love to mimic momma.The children tend to stay within visibility of their moms, and the room dividers are down to help secure that boundary for the kids. They have a great time when a workout looks fun, you’ll have about four or five kids a station attempting to mimic the workout.”

Brennan states Mom’s on the Move! is an awesome opportunity to work out, network, create friendships, and gain certifications.

“The moms are sweet, there’s no competition, the environment is wonderful,” said Brennan.

For more information about Moms on the Move!, visit the Drill Hall, or contact Pam Brennan at (301) 995-3869.

Class updates are also provided on MWR’s Faceook page at https://www.facebook.com/mwrpaxriver/ as well as the Mom’s on the Move! Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1103001373045978/ .