CAC or VCC office: Which one is the right one?

Gaining access to NAS Patuxent River, Webster Outlying Field, and Navy Recreation Center Solomons requires securing the necessary credentials that will allow entrance to the installations, and the paperwork needed to obtain those credentials will either be processed through the CAC Office or the Visitor Control Center. But which of those offices is the correct one to visit will depend on who you are, where you work, and why you wish to come onboard.


Located at Gate 2, Building 2189, The VCC handles DBIDS [Defense Biometric Identification System] and visitor pass issuance only. It does NOT issue or handle issues with military, civilian or contractor CACs, Teslin IDs, retired DoD civilian IDs, or NewGen USIDs.

DBIDS is a Department of Defense force protection program designed to manage personnel, property, and installation access. It increases installation security and communications by receiving frequent updates on changes to personnel/credential status, law enforcement warrants, lost/stolen cards, and force protection conditions. All non-CAC eligible contractors, vendors, and suppliers requiring access must apply for a DBIDS credential through their government point of contact (POC) who will follow procedures and ensure the person requesting access is accurately inputted into BASICS II, the local access control database.

Once in BASICS II, the government POC will provide the guest with a Visit Request Number and advise them to proceed to the VCC. Guests are required to bring along a valid state/federal ID, a second form of ID in the manner of a passport, certificate of naturalization, birth certificate, or social security card, and a signed copy of your SECNAV Form 5512/1. All visitors are subject to criminal background checks.

Personnel can also pre-enroll in DBIDS to help expedite their processing time before arriving at the VCC at!/.

Common visitor situations include:

• Special Event Guests. Guest lists must be submitted via email five business days prior to event.

• Housing Guests. If you reside in on-base housing and are having guests stay with you, they must have a visitor pass issued by the VCC. IDs and signed SECNAV Form 5512/1 required for anyone 16 years and older.

• Deliveries. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor/POC (customer) to request a visitor pass for delivery personnel. Any delivery made on the base requires a visitor pass issued by the VCC.

• Weapons Registration. All personnel must obtain the Installation Commanding Officer’s approval to bring weapons onboard. Once approved, all weapons shall be registered with the VCC and a permit issued.

• Foreign Nationals. Add dual or non-U.S. citizens are required to be entered into BASICS II for visitor requests.

• New DoD/Contractor Hires. Sponsors need to specify in Base Access Request if new hires will be receiving CACs so VCC can issue correct credentials.

Sponsors should refer to the BASICS II user manual for step-by-step directions, available online at

For questions, or to obtain detailed information about requirements for visits, contact the VCC at (301) 342-3231. Normal operating hours are 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday.

CAC (Common Access Card) OFFICE

The two CAC Offices located at Gate 1, Building 2389, and in Administration Building 409, handle all DEERS updates and issue Common Access Cards and dependent and retiree ID cards.

DEERS, or the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, database contains information for each uniformed service member – active duty, retired or Reserve Component – and their eligible family members.

Common services provided include:

• Customers needing a CAC or ID Card issued. Two valid forms of ID are required, preferably and federal, state or local government ID, driver’s license, valid passport, birth certificate, or social security card. This requirement includes all dependent and retiree ID cards .

• Contractors needing a CAC issued. Contractors must have their personnel status added to DEERS through their respective Trusted Agent (TA) of their sponsoring organization, via the Contractor Verification System, before a CAC can be issued. There is a verification and approval process that needs to be completed through the TA before the personnel record is added/updated.

• Extended eligibility for full-time students. If requesting extended eligibility for a family member age 21 or old, but under age 23, who is a full-time student at an accredited institution, a letter is needed from the school’s registrar office.

• Adding/Removing Family Members. Specific documents are required depending on the situation.

• CAC Problems. Issues such as a locked CAC, PIN resent, or replacing a lost or stolen CAC. At both offices, walk-ins are seen, but customers with appointments have priority.

For questions, or detailed information about any of the services provided, contact the Gate 1 CAC Office at (301) 342-4952; operating hours are 6 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. Monday-Friday; or the Building 409 CAC Office at (301) 342-1054; operating hours are 7 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. Monday-Friday. Appointments are encouraged; log on to to schedule an appointment.