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Bike Repair Station helps keep two-wheeled traffic moving

Cyclists onboard NAS Patuxent River will have a little extra help nearby whenever they need to make an adjustment or minor repair, courtesy of the Bike Repair Station installed earlier this month.

Located outside the Auto Skills Center, Building 1586, the bike repair station offers not only a pump for adding air to tires, but a selection of tools that might come in handy while making repairs.

“I know we have a pretty large cycling community on our installation who typically meets after work in the Auto Skills parking lot to ride together,” said Jen Beavers, Pax River’s community recreation director. “I would see several cyclists fixing their bikes under the tree or on the back of their cars prior to their ride; I also know there are certain tools you need to fix bikes that not everyone may carry with them, so I thought this was something new and unique to bring to our customers.”

Provided by MWR Community Recreation, the station features an air pump and various tools including standard and Philips-head screwdrivers; two steel core tire levers; headset/pedal wrench; 8/10 and 9/11 millimeter cone wrenches; Torx T-25; and a hex key set.

“It’s located next to the picnic tables outside the gate of Auto Skills, next to the Energy Zone, and it’s free to use,” Beavers noted.