Computer scientists

Computer scientists from NAWCAD’s Atlantic Ranges and Targets Department at right discuss flight testing with eighth-grade students at a Junior Achievement Inspire exposition March 29-30, while engineers from NAWCAD’s Prototyping, Instrumentation and Experimentation Department in the background explain aircraft component development and instrumentation.

Two departments in the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) joined forces on future workforce development March 29-30 by hosting a career exploration exhibit at a Junior Achievement (JA) Inspire exposition for eighth-grade students in Salisbury, MD.

The exhibit, set up by the Atlantic Ranges and Targets (ART) and Prototyping, Instrumentation and Experimentation (PIE) departments, showed students several of the steps involved in aircraft system test and evaluation, which are primary functions of NAWCAD. The exhibit featured hands-on displays of aircraft component design, flight test instrumentation, mission control room operations, and a jet-powered target missile, along with videos of real aircraft undergoing testing.