How My Life Could Have Been as a Military Child

By: Salma

I am not a military child but I can imagine what it would be like. Instead of moving a few times, I would have to be on the move all the time. That would be tough. Every time I would get settled and start to like A place, I would have to move again. Also, it would be hard when one of my parents goes on deployment. No one feels good when their parents are away for a long time. In addition, they have to adapt to new countries or places. However, military children get to go to different countries, see famous landmarks, museums, and taste different foods. Military children get to experience new opportunities of special scholarships provided for being a military child. Sometimes, they may even get discounts from stores, businesses, and events. But no matter what, they are always proud of their parents for serving in the military!

“Never cease to be impressed by our military children’s ability to adapt and cope.”

What is it like to be a Military Child?

By: Sania

Military children face many difficulties while moving. Even though I am not a military child, I have moved four times. Being a military child would be very hard because you have to leave friends and family behind. The pros of being a military child are that you get to taste new foods, make new friends, and learn new things. Military children and their parents can also get discounts on items for serving in the military. Sometimes you have to be brave and accept changes. Also, military children’s parents have to go through long deployments that are hard on their kids. Some military children have to move every year. I think it would be fun to be a military child because you get to travel a lot and adapt to new things.

“Purple Up and Be Military Strong!”

Life as a Military Child

By: Mikael

As a military child it is hard moving place to place, at least that’s how I feel. I have been to three different states and four different cities: Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois; Dahlgren, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia and back to Dahlgren. Woo who! Military children like me move a lot and their parents are gone a lot of the time as well. I am lucky because I have not moved to that many new places. Some kids’ parents have to go to war and face the possibility of dying. Also, there are some good things about being a military child, like having new friends, seeing new places, eating new foods, and getting discounts on goods.

“Keep calm and be military kid strong.”

My Sisters and I Are Military Children

By: Kara

When I was young my dad was on a ship and I really missed him. We went in a store, came around a corner, and Santa was there! My sisters and I sat by Santa. Santa told us to close our eyes and make a wish that our dad would come back. I wished for him to never go on the ship again. Santa told us to open our eyes and when we did, our dad was standing right there. We ran to him and gave him a big hug. After that, he told me he would never leave ever, EVER again. After that we were on the news. They named all of us: Kara, Allie, Hollee, Megan, and Britton!

“Purple Up, its okay to be a Military Brat!”

Being a Military Child Is Great!

By: Chanz

Do you want to know how it feels to be a military child? Well, I can tell you what it feels like for me! I have had many adventures as a military child. When you’re a military child you are expected to move a lot and sometimes you have to make sacrifices. You also want to be brave, because it is tough to move to new places. For example, in 3rd grade I didn’t know anybody until I met William, Tony, and Gary. They are great friends of mine now. This is why you want to be ready to move. Once you adjust to your school, you will start making new friends before you know it. You’ll have a lot of friends at the end of the school year. That’s why you just have to be willing to adapt. The life of a military child can also be fun because you travel to places you have never been, make lifelong friends, getting to visit new countries, and learn to speak different languages. You should be open to learning about the place you’re going and its culture. In this way, you will know what do if it’s out of United States. This is why I’m proud to be a military child!

“Military children have more courage in their pinkies than most people will ever muster in a lifetime.”

Going Through Deployments as a Military Child

By: Haiden

What is it like going through deployment as a military child? I am a military child and it’s really hard because I had to see my dad deploy several times. It made me so sad! Also, my family and I had to move to a lot of different places such as San Diego, New York, New Jersey, and Dahlgren. Due to my many moves, I have had to change schools at least seven times in three years. This has been rough for me, but I am learning how to adjust after meeting Ms. Riley. She will not allow me to give up! Although being a military child is fun, it can be hard as well. That is what it’s like going through deployments as a military child…lots of changes for my family and me.

“Sometimes the unique challenges of being a military child are underappreciated. In spite of the difficulties they’ve faced, military children are able to flow with the life they’re presented with.”

The Daughter of a Wonderful Sailor

By: Marie

I am the proud daughter of a sailor in the Navy. Sometimes my dad works from day to night and he can even be on deployment for 10 months or so! It is hard for a military child to get used to traveling all the time. It can be challenging to have to leave your best friends behind, move to a new place, and try to make new friends. In addition, there are more stressors like getting settled and then having to move after a short period of time. Who wants to move to a new place, get settled, and then find out you are moving again? Once you move to a different place, it may seem scary because you might be in a place that you have never been to and you will need to make new friends. I’ve heard of some people that have been to at least 14 different places and maybe even 6-10 different schools! I am happy that this is not the case with my family and me! It is not always easy being the daughter of a sailor because of the moves. On a positive note, there is a good side of being a military brat. You are able to go to different places and experience other cultures. You just might experience a new feeling, taste, emotion, and maybe even a new way of doing something! You can learn a lot from being a military child. Although, there are good and bad things about being a military child, I am proud to be one!

“Children of the world, blown to all corners of the world, will bloom anywhere.”

My Life as a Military Child

By: Sertonius

Being a military child is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes it is fun and other times are scary; however, that is what makes being a military child unique. My dad was in the Navy and I got to go to many places and see a lot of interesting things. However, the hard part is that you might not see your mom or dad for months and you have to go where the military sends you. I’ve been to Japan, Hawaii, and Virginia which were awesome places, but with every move came new schools, friends, and many adjustments! It is hard to leave all your old friends and make new ones. That is why being a military child is like riding a roller coaster for me!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.”

There are Pros and Cons to Being a Military Child

By: William

Being a military child can be hard. I had to move a lot…three times now. What makes it harder is leaving all your friends and making new friends. I moved three times but my friend has moved 8 times. I can’t believe how many friends he has had to leave! Another thing that is hard about being a military child is that your mom or dad goes on deployment. If that happens, there’s a possibility that you might not see them for months. Now, I will talk about the good things about being a military child. If you like to travel, you could go to lots of new places like Virginia, California, and Washington because your mom or dad gets transferred. It is still cool though. There are a couple more pros of being a military child that I would like to mention as well. You can get the chance to experience a lot of new foods and drinks. Like I stated previously, when you move, you have to make new friends. You get to make new friends and a lot of them. Another pro for being a military child is that your mom or dad can be transferred to a different country and while there you may have the opportunity to learn a new language. These are some pros and cons that come to mind for me of being a military child.

“A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him. He fights because he loves what he left behind!”

Being A Military Child Is Awesome!

By: Jun Woo

I like having the life of a military child, because we can go to the school and it’s free. Also, I can make new friends, learn new languages, and learn things that will help me when I return back home to Korea. I like America and I like Korea too! I love this life…living in the United States…and that’s why a military child’s life can be awesome!

“Purple Up and Remain Military Strong!”

My Adventures as a Military Child

By: Kelsi

Life for me has been quite adventurous as a military child! I could not have dreamed of a better life than my dad being in the military. Some adventures I have had is moving from place to place and making new friends. When you’re a military child, you may need to make some sacrifices, be brave, and support your family and parents. You also have to adapt to new countries or new places. I know being a military child can be tough, but in addition to meeting new friends, you can go to new places. Moving can be hard on military children because you have to leave friends and family behind. Additionally, you have to go through long, hard deployments, but when your parents get off the ship, it’s worth the wait. A plus on being a military child is you get discounts on certain things! I think the best thing about being a military child is going to new places and having new opportunities and experiences. The worst thing is leaving my friends and family. Out of everything a military child does, I am proud to be a one!

“Military children will say goodbye to more significant people by age 18 than the average person will in their lifetime.”

Me as a Military Child

By: Gary

I have mixed emotions in regard to me being a military child. It’s saddening when I have to move away from friends. Sometimes I can stay with my friends for a long time. I am really brave when I have to leave my dad’s house. It’s a tough life being a military child because when you move to a public school and you’re a military child, not as many people want to be your friend because you’re the new kid. It can be a challenge making new friends. I am really lucky because not as many kids that live outside of the base get as much attention as I get here at Dahlgren School! Military children move a lot of the times. I have moved three times in my life. I was born in Tennessee, moved to New York, and now I’m living in Dahlgren, VA. My life has been awesome as a military child!

“Unless you’ve lived it, you just won’t get it, because Military Kids are Awesome!”