SPC. Sean Dermody

Spc. Sean Dermody, a 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and current member of the United States Army Drill Team, used quick thinking and some first aid training at the scene of a multivehicle accident on Fairfax County’s Richmond Highway May 14.

“It was around 6:30 in the evening,” Dermody said. “I was driving back from dinner with my fiancée. We were on Richmond Highway (Route 1) out near Occoquan Bay. I looked in front of me, and there’s been an accident, and I’m trying to piece it together.”

What Dermody discovered and pieced together was a pick-up truck/motorcycle accident. A male motorcyclist and a female motorcycle passenger needed immediate medical assistance. The male had suffered a compound-fractured leg, and the female was critically injured.

“The two were about 20 feet apart and I checked to see if they were conscience,” he recalled. “The driver of the truck that hit them had gotten out and he already was taking off his belt and we both worked to get the belt tightened down on his leg as a tourniquet. I immediately moved up to stabilize his head and started talking to him.”

Dermody performed a blood sweep of the cyclist’s body for additional injuries and verbally reassured him while waiting for a Fairfax County Medical emergency team. He repeatedly checking on the female passenger, but others were providing her first aid.

The Naperville, Illinois, native was impressed by how many service members stopped to help at the accident scene before firefighters and an ambulance arrived.

“It is a great testament that within five minutes of me responding before emergency personnel got there, 10 or more people in uniform were running up to help,” Dermody said.

Because of his assistance at the accident scene, Dermody was lauded by his squad leader for his quick thinking and is a candidate to receive the Soldier’s Medal. A decision on the medal is pending.

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