Self-driving technology came a step closer to reality on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Tuesday and Wednesday with the deliveries through Hatfield Gate of Olli 10 and 13. Olli vehicles are the world’s first self-driving, cognitive vehicles, and the joint base has been selected for research test routes. Completely fueled by electricity, Olli will go through the paces and test routes will be mapped on JBM-HH starting within the next 10 days. After being brought onto the base, the vehicles were brought to Bldg. 325 to be charged and stored. JBM-HH motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are being asked to not follow Olli too closely and avoid making the vehicles brake suddenly by running or driving in front of the shuttles. “Just treat it like a car,” said Todd Hutchings, the JBM-HH information management officer, who is spearheading the Olli project. The shuttle can carry a maximum of eight seated passengers and carries standard heating and air conditioning systems. Olli’s top speed is 25 mph and is nearly 13 feet in length. A human controller monitors Olli’s operation and the safety of riders at all times.