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WRNMMC provides comprehensive pharmacy services which encompass inpatient, outpatient, compounding, hematology/oncology, investigational, and clinical with integrated support services located in cardiology, emergency room, medical home, pediatrics, warrior clinic, and hematology.

Refill Requests

Patients are our partners in providing efficient pharmacy care! To better serve all patients we focus on a Point-of-Care system by providing pharmacy services as close as possible to where you are seen for care. The following will help you to better navigate our services and understand your options:

Avoid Peak Times – to minimize your wait time, particularly for maintenance or routine medications, please consider off-peak hours. Peak times are Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Our busiest days are typically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the day before and after a Federal Holiday.

Refill vs Renewal – maintenance (or long-term) medication therapy is often prescribed with additional refills to allow you to obtain additional medication(s) without contacting your provider for a certain period of time of up to 12 months. Once those refills have been used, or have expired, your provider will often renew or update your prescription order(s).

If your prescriptions have valid refills, you can help both your provider and the pharmacy by contacting the pharmacy directly rather than your provider’s office when you need a refill. For prescriptions, you only need to contact your provider when you are out of refills or need to discuss the effects of your therapy.*

Refill Pick Up Locations – not only can you avoid peak times, you can select a pick up location that is most convenient for you. There are three pick up locations on-base. The locations and hours of operation are listed below. Allow 3 days for processing your refills at WRNMMC.

In addition, we support a network of regional MTFs, allowing you to pick up your prescriptions at a facility of your choice 5 days after your phone or on-line request. The locations of facilities we service are listed below and can be selected when you request your refills.

Consider Home delivery – for the greatest convenience, you never have to leave your home for your maintenance medications! TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery through Express Scripts, formerly known as TRICARE Mail Order, will process and ship your prescriptions on a regular basis to your address**

Customer Service:


Electronic Prescribing – WRNMMC participates in e-prescribing, a safe and secure method that eliminates bringing handwritten prescriptions to the pharmacy. Inform your civilian provider that we accept e-prescriptions at:

DoD Walter Reed NEX ePhcy / NCPDP 2138407 / NPI #1184030223.

Compound Prescriptions – WRNMMC Pharmacy is fully equipped to prepare many compounded prescriptions. DoD restrictions mandate that all compound prescriptions orders must be electronically transmitted or HANDWRITTEN and signed by your provider. “Pre-printed” prescription orders that have only a provider’s signature are NOT covered by your benefits and cannot be filled.

Arrowhead Outpatient Pharmacy

24 hour AudioCARE phone system:

800-377-1723 or 301-295-5500

On-line Pharmacy Refill form:

(click on the Quick Links button in the upper right corner)

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery: or 1-877-363-1303 for Customer Service

(call 301-319-3432 for our assistance)


5 day notice required

• Andrews

• Annapolis Pharmacy

• Bolling

• Dahlgren Pharmacy

• Dewitt

• Earl Pharmacy

• Indian Head Pharmacy

• Lakehurst Pharmacy

• Patuxent River

• Quantico

• Washington Navy Yard

• NSA Bethesda NEX (preferred on-base pick up option)


301-295-2123 is our single contact number to speak to a WRNMMC Pharmacy Staff member. Calls to this number are answered during regular business hours.

Arrowhead Outpatient Pharmacy

(Main Pharmacy, Building 9 Pharmacy)


Second floor between the escalators and the skywalk to the Patient Garage

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Point-of-Care Services: Arrowhead, Eagle, and President Zone Clinics; Emergency Room, Discharge, and Executive Health patients; Compounding and Investigational medications

America Outpatient Pharmacy

(Building 19 Pharmacy)


First floor next to the Main Entrance and the Outpatient Phlebotomy Laboratory

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Point-of-Care Services: America, Liberty, and President Zone Clinics; Warrior Clinic and Pediatrics

Satellite Pharmacy at the Navy Exchange

(‘NEX’ Pharmacy)


First floor between the escalators and Customer Service

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30PM, Sunday 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Point-of-Care Services:

Refill prescription processing and pick-up; Civilian Provider (non-MTF) prescriptions, including Faxed and electronic Prescriptions


Does WRNMMC pharmacy carry my medication?

-Use the WRNMMC Formulary Search Tool at:

-Or call us at (301) 295-2123

Does TRICARE cover my medication if I use Home Delivery?

-Use the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool at:

(click on “Tools” then “Formulary Search Tool” in the drop down menu)

-Or call 877-363-1303

What quantity of medication can I receive with my prescriptions?

-Up to a 90-day maximum supply for most maintenance medications

-If it is appropriate for your therapy, ask your provider(s) for 90-day prescriptions to minimize pharmacy trips

Can I return used syringes and sharps containers to the pharmacy?

-Used needles and sharps containers cannot be accepted at the pharmacy. They must be taken to the Central Distribution Department (CDD) in the basement of Building 9, near the Café 8901 exit

-This is also where new sharps containers can be picked up

What are some of WRNMMC’s pharmacy policies?

While state law may allow for less stringent control, the following are WRNMMC’s pharmacy policies:

• Valid prescriptions will be filled following current quantity restrictions and refill limitations

• We accept Faxed prescriptions that come directly from your provider’s office only

• We do not accept Telephone prescription orders

• Electronic signatures on paper prescriptions are accepted only for non-controlled substances; controlled substance prescriptions must have an original valid provider’s signature and identification numbers

• Compound prescription orders cannot be on pre-printed prescription forms

• Prescriptions for Non-controlled medications:

(e.g. for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol; maintenance medications)

---Remain valid for one (1) year from the original date prescribed

---Refills, as authorized by the prescriber, can be obtained up to 12 months from the original date or until they have been exhausted, whichever comes first

• Prescriptions for Controlled medications

-DEA Schedule III, IV, V

(e.g. for mild to moderate pain, sleep, etc.)

---Remain valid for six (6) months from the original date prescribed

---Refills, as authorized by the prescriber, can be obtained up to five (5) times within 6 months of the original date or until they have been exhausted, whichever comes first

-DEA Schedule II

(e.g. for severe pain, ADHD, etc.)

---Remain valid for 30 days only from the original date prescribed

---Refills not permitted by law

*Further restrictions due to law may apply to certain prescriptions. Never hesitate to contact your provider to discuss your healthcare needs.

** For active duty members there currently is no charge for formulary medications; for beneficiaries there currently is no charge for formulary generics and reduced co-pays for all other medications. This service is not managed by WRNMMC.