In July 2015, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s (WRNMMC) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Outpatient Clinic and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) joined to establish a new NICoE Directorate to better serve and achieve the mission of advancing TBI and Psychological Heath (PH) treatment, research and education. The new NICoE, now under the direction of the WRNMMC, will continue to deliver patient-focused outpatient and inpatient care while providing opportunities for expanded treatment options and advancements in research.

Dedicated to cutting-edge diagnostic evaluation, comprehensive treatment planning, clinical care, research and education, the NICoE helps service members and their families deal with complex TBI and PH conditions and serves as a critical component of the TBI Pathway of Care for the U.S. Military Health System. Working closely with the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, the TBI Pathway of Care manager, the NICoE helps provide consistency and continuity in services across the TBI treatment and research continuum.

Patients at the NICoE experience a spectrum of care in a collaborative environment that promotes physical, psychological and spiritual healing from individual outpatient treatment to intense, four-week programs. To help service members return to productive lives and reintegrate into their communities and careers, the NICoE provides family education and support services. The NICoE also serves as a research hub for using the most current high-tech clinical resources to advance medical science in TBI and PH.

For more information about the NICoE, please visit or call 301-319-3600.

For more information about the patient referral process, please call 301-319-3700.