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NSAB-PWD Bethesda Facilities Help Desk

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NSAB relies on NAVFAC Public Works Department (PWD) Bethesda to service and maintain its buildings and roads, provide electricity, water, and sanitation services, oversee construction of new infrastructure, and ensure compliance

with environmental laws and regulations. The Facilities Help Desk has been set up as a 24/7 operation to support NSAB. See Frequently Asked Questions below for guidance on reporting repair problems.

PWD Bethesda Facilities Help Desk

Phone: 301-295-1070

(Email subject to change pending Help Desk modifications)

* For Smoke, Fire, Burning or Chemical Smells - call 777 IMMEDIATELY or the Fire Department at 301-295-0319.

** Report BY PHONE all facility emergencies with immediate threat to life or property to the Facilities Help Desk.

                                 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I report a repair problem within the hospital (WRNMMC Buildings 1-10, 19, & 51)?

Call the Facilities Help Desk at 301- 295-1070 and follow up your request with your Hospital Zone Manager.

How should I report a problem if I live in the NSAB Unaccompanied Housing (Bldgs. 50, 60 & 61) or Ill & Injured Warrior Lodging (Bldg. 62)?

Call the bldgs. Front desk during normal working hours and bldg. 60 after hours. Bldg. 50, Mercy Hall – 301-295-5715; Bldg. 60, Comfort Hall – 301-295-5855; Bldg. 61, Solace Hall – 301-295-5288, Bldg. 62, Tranquility Hall – 301-400-0200.

How should I report a non-emergency repair problem inside non-medical buildings on the installation?

Contact your Building Manager. They will e-mail a Work Request to the Facilities Help Desk. You can find a listing of Building Managers at

You can also send an e-mail to the Help Desk requesting your Building Manager’s contact information. Work Request e-mails should include: (1) Project Title or Issue, (2) Work Description, (3) Building and Room Number, and (4) Point of Contact Information (name, phone, e-mail). Please retain the Work Order Number received for follow-up questions.

What do I do if something needs to be fixed outside of a building, for example a pot-hole?

Call or e-mail the Facilities Help Desk directly at 301-295-1070. No need to go through your Building Manager or Zone Manager.

What if I have a new project that I would like assistance with (i.e. new carpet, new office, etc.)?

Contact your Building Manager for buildings outside the hospital, and the Zone Manager for buildings inside the hospital.

When should I call in a routine problem or repair (or a non-emergency item)?

Please report non-emergency problems between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. Emergency items can be phoned in at any time.

How can I find out the current status on a request for services?

Contact your Building Manager or Zone Manager. Provide the Work Order Number for reference.

How do I address customer service issues related to the Help Desk?

Send an e-mail to the Facilities Help Desk at or call 301-295-5944.

Who do I call for medical equipment repairs inside the hospital?

Contact the Biomedical Engineering Department at 301-295-5515.

Who do I call for housekeeping issues inside the hospital (i.e. non-emergency spills, paper, soap, trash, recycling, etc.)?

Call Housekeeping at 301-295-1050.

Who do I call for hazardous waste spills?

Call 777 to report. For non-emergency hazardous waste pickup (not clean-up) call 301-295-2496.

Who do I call for after-hours access to locked spaces?

Contact the Base Security Office at 301-295-1246.

How do I get new or additional keys and/or locks?

Contact your Key Control Custodian (KCC). They will assist you in completing the appropriate documentation and submit your request.