ID cards for military personnel, family members and civilian employees can be obtained at one of the ID card sections in the National Capital Region. The ID card sections also handle DEERS enrollment for family members. Soldiers in the rank of E4 and below who lose their ID cards are required to obtain a counseling statement from their commander prior to visiting the ID card facility for a replacement ID card.

All customers age 21 and older are required to have two forms of identification in their possession upon arrival at the ID card facility in order to receive an ID card. ID must consist of two photo IDs or one photo ID and a non-photo ID. Valid photo and non-photo IDs consist of a state driver’s license, passports or any other government ID, social security card, birth certificate or voter’s registration card.

Full time students over age 21 must have a letter from the university registrar’s office or the student online clearinghouse showing their expected graduation date.

Family members need to obtain DD Form 1172 from the ID card office, have it signed by the sponsor and notarized or signed by a verifying office. Family members who are not enrolled in DEERS should be enrolled by their sponsors. Sponsors are required to bring in proof of relationship for all dependents they wish to enroll. These documents may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, court documents, etc. Documentation needed is based on the relationship of the dependent to the sponsor.

There are two ID card facilities at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. One is on the Fort Myer portion of JBM-HH in Building 202, Room B19. Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Call them at 703-696-3030.

A two-station facility is on the Henderson Hall portion of JBM-HH in Building 29, Room 300. Call 703-693/614-7152 for more information.

The following are additional National Capital Region ID card issue facilities:

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, D.C.


Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility

Washington, Maryland


Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Bethesda, Maryland


Fort Belvoir, Virginia


Fort Meade, Maryland




Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia


Dahlgren, Virginia (Navy)


Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia


Washington Navy Yard, D.C.