In addition to these required safety tips, bicyclists entering any portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall should be aware that bicyclists who are dismounted prior to entry onto the installation will be treated as pedestrians and will be required to proceed through the gate as a pedestrian. 

The Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) is made up of the Office of the Provost Marshal (PMO) and the JBM-HH Fire Department.

The purpose of Provost Marshal’s Office is to provide law enforcement, physical security, installation security and ceremonial support to the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall community, Arlington National Cemetery and the U.S. Army Military District of Washington.

Fire and Emergency Services provides broad-based fire, rescue and emergency medical services to those entrusted in our care, preventing harm to people, government property and the environment through education, training and prevention programs.

Police Operations

The Police Operations section is responsible for the daily operations of law enforcement patrols, emergency response dispatching and the JBM-HH Police Station. These functions include police patrolling, desk operations, emergency 911 dispatching, traffic accident investigations, criminal investigations, military working dog services, animal control assistance, specialized law enforcement requests, installation perimeter security, funds escort and community support.

These functions are completed by a staff of Department of the Army Civilian Police Officers, Department of the Army Security Guards and Military Police Soldiers. The Soldiers are from the 289th MP Company, 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).

Police Patrols are responsible for enforcing all laws, regulations and policies; deterring crime through patrolling; responding to calls for assistance; assisting stranded motorists; and promoting a positive image of JBM-HH.

The Police Desk is responsible for receiving, coordinating and dispatching all emergency responders to JBM-HH incidents. The Police Desk also assists individuals with general information requests.

Physical Security

The JBM-HH Physical Security section is dedicated to upholding the physical measures designed to safeguard personnel and to prevent unauthorized access to the installation, equipment, material and documents. The Physical Security section strives to safeguard the community against espionage, sabotage, damage, and theft.

The Physical Security section provides a number of services to include intrusion alarm coordination, key and lock control, security surveys and inspections of facilities and restricted areas as well as reviewing construction and additional projects for security compliance.

Private Weapons Registration

Individuals living on JBM-HH must register their privately-owned weapons with the Directorate of Emergency Services within 72 hours after establishing residency on JBM-HH. Proof of ownership is required for registration. Proof of registration must be provided to law enforcement personnel upon request at any time the weapon is out of an approved storage location and being transported on the installation. For additional information regarding privately owned weapons or registration, call 703-588-2800.

Private Weapons Storage

Weapons and other projectile firing weapons stored in quarters will be unloaded and will be secured in a locked container (such as a gun cabinet, lockable closet, or gun case) or have a trigger-locking or action-blocking device on the weapon. Weapons and projectile firing weapons that cannot be stored in this manner will be stored in the unit’s designated arms room. Weapons and other projectile firing devices will not be stored in barracks rooms. Ammunition will be stored separately from the container in which the firearm or weapon is stored. Lost or stolen weapons should be reported to DES immediately at 703-588-2800.

Privately owned weapons, firearms or projectile firing devices transported in a vehicle will be secured in the trunk. For vehicles without a trunk, weapons will be encased in a container other than the glove compartment/console or additional vehicle compartments and stored in such a manner that they will not be accessible to the driver or passenger(s). If transporting a weapon while operating a motorcycle, the weapon must be cased and may not be carried on the physical person in any manner. Commercially available trigger locks and other security devices are strongly recommended. All firearms or projectile firing devices will be unloaded. Carrying a loaded firearm or other projectile firing device is absolutely prohibited.

Carrying concealed weapons, of any type, on the installation is prohibited regardless of whether a state or county permit has been obtained.

For additional information regarding physical security, call 703-696-8887.

Visitor Control Center

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and other U.S. Army Military District of Washington installations no longer issue decals or register vehicles.

All privately owned vehicles must still be licensed, registered, inspected and insured according to state and local laws.

Call 703-696-8968/3525 for more information.


To register motorcycles, successful completion of a DoD Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course is only required for all military members. Evidence of course completion from other areas will be accepted and must be carried at all times while operating a motorcycle on the installation. Telephone the JBM-HH Safety Office at 703-696-6996 for training class availability and more information. Civilians only need to have the motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.