Malcolm Grow Medical Clinics and

Surgery Center

Main Phone Line: 1 (888) 999-1212

Phone tree options:

Appointments: option 1-1

Clinics: option 1-2

Referrals: option 1-3

Nurse Advice Line: option 1-4

Emergent Care Center (240) 857-2158

Patient Advocate (240) 857-5817

Pharmacy (Main) (240) 857-4565

Pharmacy (Call in Refills) (240) 857-4893

Dental clinic 1 (888) 999-1212

(options 1-2-2)

Poison Hotline (202) 625-3333

DEERS 1 (800) 538-9552


TRICARE Prime beneficiaries enrolled at the 779 MDG may schedule an appointment by calling the main phone line, 1 (888) 999-1212, and selecting the appropriate phone tree option. The main phone line is open from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Out of Area CARE

When traveling out of the area, TRICARE Prime enrollees are only covered for urgent or emergency care. Routine care is not authorized when traveling out of the area.

ALWAYS obtain a referral from your PCM before using a civilian Urgent Care Center or civilian provider or you will be responsible for the costs. Call HNFS at 1 (877) 874–2273 for assistance in locating a provider and then contact your PCM for a referral.

Emergent Care Center

The Emergent Care Center (ECC) at Joint Base Andrews provides both urgent and emergency medical care. If you become ill after hours with an urgent condition (one that requires treatment within 24 hours) go to the ECC on Joint Base Andrews, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital or Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

If you are enrolled to the 779 MDG and choose to use a civilian provider or urgent care facility, you will be responsible for the cost of the visit.

In an emergency call 911 and go to the nearest civilian or military hospital.


For information about claims processing or to check the status of your claims submission, please contact Health Net Federal Services at 1 (877) 874-2273 or visit their online TRICARE Service Center at Claim forms and information may also be obtained at