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2691 Mitscher Rd., Washington, DC 20032

Ph: 1 (202) 433-2566

Open: M-F (0900-1800)

Appointments are recommended.

The School Liaison Officer (SLO) is the primary link between parents, educators and command, working to ensure smooth transitions between schools and positive educational experiences. We can provide numerous resources to assist families, educators and commands in their efforts to create positive and supportive educational environments for military children.

The SLO provides the following services: school transition services, deployment support, liaison communications, special education navigation support, partnerships in education, home school link support and post-secondary preparation.

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

The District of Columbia Public Schools designated the following schools for the housing areas on base. These are referred to as the “Zoned Schools” for JBAB residents. Enrollment into these schools does not require parents to participate in the DC Common Lottery for attendance but is provided by right since JBAB housing falls within the neighborhood boundaries for the school(s):

Leckie Elementary School

(Preschool-6th Grade)

4201 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

SW, Washington, DC 20032

Ph: 1 (202) 645-3330

Note: JBAB does not provide bus transportation for preschool.

Website: leckielionsdc.org

Hart Middle School

(6th-8th Grade)

601 Mississippi Av. SE

Washington, DC 20032

Ph: 1 (202) 671-6426

Website: charleshartmiddle.org

Ballou Senior High School

(9th-12th Grade)

3401 4th Street SE

Washington, DC 20032

Ph: 1 (202) 645-3400

Website: balloudc.org

Preschool (3- and 4-year-olds): Preschool in DC is funded but not mandatory. Seats in local public or charter schools may fill quickly during the open enrollment period between mid-December and May, but families are encouraged to seek enrollment outside of this period as seats do become available at schools across DC. Families should consider schools close to the base or at the base CDCs (Child Development Centers), as preschool students are too young to ride the base school bus.

School options beyond zoned schools/DC Common Lottery: Parents interested in public school or charter school enrollment outside of zoned enrollment should participate in the DC Common Lottery, an annual event held each year from mid-December through May. This lottery is conducted in two rounds. Questions may be answered via the hotline at 1 (202) 888-6336.

To apply online, visit the My Schools DC portal: myschooldc.org/org

Applications generated by this portal are used for participation in the DC Common Lottery and may also be used for application into selective citywide high schools (see below for more info). Lottery results are sent directly to applicants at the close of each lottery round. Military families who are currently residing outside of the area may participate in the lottery before becoming residents. If this applies to you please contact the SLO for information and guidance on applying.

Families with middle and high school students should speak with the SLO concerning school choice. This also applies to parents whose students have IEP’s, are classified as gifted or who have particular programmatic requests. The SLO is equipped to assist these families in understanding their options while attending DCPS schools.

Selective Citywide High Schools

Selective citywide high schools are public schools with specialized programs that require advance application, transcripts, and coordination with the school admission office. Students with a GPA 3.0 or better are good candidates. Learn more by reviewing the school profiles and admission requirements unique to each school.

Application dates for selective schools are listed on the DCPS website and the school’s website. If an application deadline has passed, the military family should contact the school and discuss transfer and application with an admissions representative at the school.

Benjamin Banneker High School

Ph: 1 (202) 673-7322

Website: benjaminbanneker.org/

Columbia Heights Education Campus

Ph: 1 (202) 939-7700

Website: checdc.org

Duke Ellington High School of Performing Arts

Ph: 1 (202) 282-0123

Website: ellingtonschool.org

McKinley High School of Science and Technology

Ph: 1 (202) 281-3950

Website: mckinleytech.org

Phelps High School of Architecture, Construction and Engineering

Ph: 1 (202) 729-4360

Website: phelpshsdc.org

School Without Walls High School

Ph: 1 (202) 698-3793

Website: swwhs.org


Ph: 1 (202) 767-8138

DCPS normally uses MetroBus and MetroRail systems to get children to school when transportation is required; however, JBAB has a school bus program available for children in grades K-12 residing at JBAB. Parents planning to live on base are highly encouraged to request that their sponsors provide this information in their welcome package. Requests for packages also may be made by calling the school bus program office at JBAB Youth Center.


School Liaison Officer

Ph: 1 (202) 433-2566

JBAB hosts a homeschool program, operated by the Bolling Area Homeschool Educators (BAHE). For more information about the JBAB Home Educator Program, contact the School Liaison Officer.

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