JBAB Relocation Assistance Program

Ph: 1 (202) 767-0450, DSN: 312-297-0450

Hours: (M-F) 0730-1600 ET



3621 Luke Ave.

Washington, DC 20032

Open: 24 Hours

Ph: 1-877-NAVY-BED (1-877-628-9233)

Choose from standard guest rooms, optional suites, equipped with full kitchen, dining area and one or two bedrooms and ADA accessible rooms. Limited pet-friendly rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Amenities include free on-site laundry and a business center.

Meet your mission and save travel dollars.


12 Bowline Green S.W. Bldg. 4412

Washington, DC 20032

Ph: 1 (202) 563-6950, 1-800-628-9466

Guest comfort amenities include full size kitchenettes, pet-friendly rooms, breakfast to-go, wireless internet access. Family oriented temporary housing experience and multilingual staff.

Housing and Barracks


21 MacDill Blvd.

Washington, DC 20032

Open: M-F (0700-1600)

Ph: 1(202) 404-1840

Website: www.MyWFR.com

As soon as you receive your orders, contact the HSC to receive the latest information about housing on the installation and within the National Capital Region (NCR), including updates on the base specific policies regarding residing in privatized housing and counseling before entering into any written lease or rental contract. The Housing Service Center (HSC) mission is to assist military service members, both accompanied and unaccompanied, retirees and DoD civilians in transitioning to a new home and community within the NCR.

Services offered by HSC include privatized housing information, rental partnership program, volunteer realtors, private rentals via the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN), short term lodging information, mediation/dispute resolution, housing inspections (on base, off base, prior to arrival, during move-in and move-out), and a variety of housing-related seminars.

The Housing Service Center will process privatized housing applications for JBAB’s two Private Partner Venture (PPV) companies and refer customers to the private property management company responsible for privatized units and handling all resident matters, including maintenance. Privatized housing is available through two PPV companies:

Bolling Family Housing

8660 Angell St.

Washington, DC 20032

Hours: M-F (0730-1730)

Ph: 1 (202) 562-2631

Bolling Family Housing is offered to both officer and enlisted service members stationed in the National Capital Region. Bolling Family Housing has a variety of home styles, all with three or more bedrooms. Bolling Family Housing is managed by Hunt Military Community.

Bellevue Family Housing

1 Cargo Ct.

Washington, DC 20032

Hours: M-F (0730-1630)

Ph: 1 (202) 629-2647

Bellevue Family Housing is offered to enlisted members and is located on the South End of JBAB. Units are comprised of two and three bedroom townhouses, with the exception of six ADA compliant ranch-style homes. Bellevue Family Housing is managed by Lincoln Family Housing.


Unaccompanied Housing operates four buildings that house a variety of service members. Advantages of living on base for single service members: safe, secure, centrally located, off street parking, utility bills included, free laundry facilities, vending/recreational area and close to work, Navy Exchange (NEX), Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Commissary, dining, fitness centers and pool.

Air Force Honor Guard

47 Brookley Ave.

Washington, DC 20032

Office Hours: Mon.-Tues. (0730-1600)

Building Manager: 1 (202) 767-4418

Blanchard Barracks

1302 Chappie James Blvd.

Washington, DC 20032

Office Hours: M-F (0800-1600)

Building Manager: 1 (202) 767-8636

Blanchard Barracks is a 376-room facility that houses members from every branch of the U.S. military. This is a Navy “1+1” facility with shared baths and full kitchens.

Enterprise Hall

2770 Enterprise Way

Washington, DC 20373

Office Hours: M-F (0800-1600)

Building Manager: 1 (202) 433-0960

Enterprise Hall houses the Liberty Center for E1-E6 unaccompanied service members as well as two lounges with cable TV and a full kitchen that all residents share on the second deck.

Furnari Hall

417 Defense Blvd.

Washington, DC 20032

Front Desk Open: 24 Hours

Front Desk: 1 (202) 433-2667

Building Manager: 1 (202) 685-6539

Furnari Hall is a 250-room, 125-suite facility, designed to house the Navy’s Ceremonial Guard. The front desk operates 24 hours a day and is the central check-in for all permanent party residents.