Provide ordnance safety for the Naval Enterprise - NOSSA is the naval weapons and explosives safety technical authority; providing expertise, policy, oversight and procedures. These responsibilities span the lifecycle of weapons systems and explosives, including ordnance environmental support. The workforce identifies mitigation measures and communicates risks to sustain joint combat capability.


Leader for Ordnance Safety...Today and Tomorrow.

The Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA) was established on October 1, 1999 to manage and administer U.S. Navy explosives safety programs. In December 2004, NOSSA

was restructured to become more mission focused and drive efficiencies throughout the Command. The resulting structure includes one Corporate Operations directorate, and four technical directorates: Weapons System Safety/Joint Programs, Ordnance Environmental Support, Explosives Safety Operations, and Weapons Assessment..

NOSSA’s functions support three of the main NAVSEA lines of business: engineering, industrial operations and business and operations. NOSSA’s explosives safety technical and programmatic leadership is not limited to the U.S. Navy and U.S Marine Corps. We also support U.S. Joint Programs and our foreign allies, to include NATO. The six Navy Explosives Safety Program component programs are:

• Ammunition and Explosives Safety and Security

• Weapons, Platforms and Combat Systems

• Ordnance Environmental Support

• Insensitive Munitions

• Ordnance Quality Evaluation

• Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) Physical Security

In order to assure the continued evolution of technical leadership needed to meet future requirements we have aligned ourselves with SECNAV, CNO, and NAVSEA objectives, as indicated by our strategies, goals, and metrics. This alignment allows for optimal Fleet operational readiness and national combat capability by effectively identifying objectives and managing risks throughout the lifecycle of ammunition and explosives.

NOSSA is an echelon three command reporting directly to the NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Ordnance Safety, SEA 00V. NOSSA’s Executive Director is delegated by NAVSEA as the Technical Warrant Holder for weapon systems safety and security. NOSSA’s Executive Director is the principal authority on all matters related to naval ordnance transportation, safety, and security worldwide.

For more information check our website: http://www.nossa.navsea.navy.mil.

NOSSA    Military: 4     Civilians: 78    Contractors: 21      Total Employees: 103