The Army chaplaincy exists to ensure the free exercise of religion for military members and their families. Fort Meade ministry teams are committed to this constitutional right. They encourage participation in the religious programs and invite guests to inform them of any special needs.

The goal is to provide a quality and comprehensive program that meets the spiritual needs of the community. Prayers, involvement and feedback are the key ingredients.

Chapel activities include worship services, pastoral counseling, religious education, Bible studies, various youth, women’s and men’s groups and a variety of special events.


• Historic Main Post Chapel

  (Garrison Chaplain’s Office)

  Bldg. 4419, Llewellyn & Roberts Avenues

  301-677-6703 or 7842

• Cavalry Chapel

   Bldg. 8465, Simonds Street & 6th Armored Cavalry Road


• Chapel Center

   Bldg. 7100, Rockenbach Road & Grandea Avenue

   301-677-6035 or 3785

• Religious Education

   Bldg. 7100, Rockenbach Road & Grandea Avenue

   301-677-0386 (Protestant) or

   301-677-6038 (Catholic)

• Family Life Ministry Center

  Bldg. 7100, Rockenbach Road & Grandea Avenue

  301-677-3785 or 6035


If you cannot reach a unit chaplain in the case of an emergency, call the Fort Meade Emergency Operation Center at 301-677-4740 or 4444, and ask to have the chaplain contact you.