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Fort Detrick Provost Marshal Office POV Requirements

Active duty personnel arriving from overseas assignments must have their vehicles properly registered within 60 days of the arrival of their vehicles.

No need to re-register active duty bearing current tags of member’s state of domicile.

Vehicles registered in name of dependents must be registered within 60 days.

Learner’s permit can be obtained at age 16 (application can be accepted age 15 years 9 months) in Maryland. Cost is $50.00. Examines and licenses drivers, conducts driver training program, titles/registers vehicles, issues identification cards to adult non-drivers.

1601 Bowmans Farm Road

Frederick, MD 21701

Telephone: 1-800-950-1682

Hours: 0830-1630, Mon. -Fri.

Other Phone Numbers:

Vehicle Inspections: 1-800-638-8347

TDD for the Deaf: 1-800-492-4575

Motorcycle Safety Training Program: 1-800-638-1722.

Vehicle liability insurance in the amount of $30,000/$60,000/$15,000;

Motorist insurance $2,500;

Valid State Drivers License