Whether your stay here is for a few days or a few years, you'll come to know Fort Belvoir as more than a beautiful place to call home. You'll also find what you'll see at Fort Belvoir is the tireless work of more than 45,000 Soldiers, Sailor, Airmen, Marines and Department of Defense civilians who are committed to the work of America's defense and to supporting Fort Belvoir's role as a strategic sustaining base for America's armed forces. The work done at Fort Belvoir is vital to the success of the goals and objectives of the nation's defense strategy, Fort Belvoir is home to more than 145 Army, DoD and federal agencies. The installation's mission is to provide intelligence, logistical, medical and administrative support to a diverse mix of tenant and satellite organizations. A true community Fort Belvoir employees and residents dedicate countless hours of volunteer service to community causes. Whether it's helping servicemembers and families, youth, or the environment, fort Belvoir's community consistently steps up to take care of its people and resources. Through partnerships with local schools, civic associations, humanitarian organizations and local governments, Fort Belvoir demonstrates daily its commitment to being a good neighbor. Situated on the Potomac River, Fort Belvoir is unlike any other Army installation in the world. Fort Belvoir's sense of purpose bonds cohesively with its sense of community as it proudly serves the nation and shows why we are Leaders in Excellence. Welcome. We're glad you're here!