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Center for Surface Combat Systems

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The mission of Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) is to provide preparation, study, and practice that enable our Sailors to engage the enemy and win! CSCS trains Sailors and surface warriors to achieve operational excellence. We prepare and qualify our people to correctly maintain, operate, and if necessary, fight our surface ships while conducting sustained combat operations at sea. And we synchronize the capability of our warfare systems with a training investment in people so they can successfully execute across the “Kill Chain” against the threats of today that face our Sailors in ships.

CSCS is a consolidation and alignment of many training sites and schoolhouses that train surface force operations and combat systems.

In August 2001 the Executive Review of Navy Training (ERNT) study published its findings for the Chief of Naval Operations. Among the most important findings and recommendations of the ERNT study were the creation of centers of excellence or learning centers in the Navy that possessed the superior qualities and standards required for future Navy Fleet training. This brought about a major reorganization of Navy Education and Training, including the establishment of functionally aligned training in centers like CSCS.

CSCS was provisionally established in October 2002. Over the next two years, the CSCS training mission was focused on the core warfare systems and operations required of Air Defense (AD), Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Surface Warfare (SW), Mine Warfare (MIW), Mobility (Navigation and Seamanship), and supporting Command and Control (C41) systems. CSCS was officially established in September 2004.

CSCS and its 14 learning sites (units and detachments) train Sailors across the range of warfare capability: maintenance, operation, and employment skills. The 14 learning sites include CSCSU Great Lakes, AEGIS Training and Readiness Center (ATRC), CSCSU Dam Neck, Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Center (FLEASWTRACEN), Mine Warfare Training Center (MWTC), CSCS Det San Diego, CSCS Det West, CSCS Det Wallops Island, CSCS Det East, CSCS Det Norfolk, CSCS Det Mayport, CSCS Det Pearl Harbor, CSCS Det PacNorWest, and CSCS Det Yokosuka.

CSCS holds the training for nine Enlisted Ratings: Fire Controlmen, Electronic Technicians, Interior Communications, Sonar Technician (surface), Gunner's Mates, Minemen, Operations Specialists, Boatswain's Mates, and Quartermasters. CSCS also trains officers in system-specific skills required to tactically operate and employ surface ships, as well as provide Navy training to many of our international partners.

CSCS trains over 50,000 Sailors and

officers annually to achieve operational excellence and provide the backbone of the surface force's warfare capability.