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614th Air and Space Operations Center (AOC), Detachment 1

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The 614th Air and Space Operations Center, Detachment 1 was activated on April 30, 2010 and is responsible for providing space superiority for our US forces as well as space situational awareness to government and civilian customers.

614 AOC Det 1 is also responsible for functioning as the Distributive Space Command and Control - Dahlgren (DSC2-D) which mirrors the Joint Space Operations Center located on Vandenberg AFB, Calif. DSC2 – D provides tasking to the Space Surveillance Network, a worldwide network of 31 space surveillance sensors (radar and optical telescopes, both military and civilian) on high-priority satellites, processes space events (re-entries, de-orbits, maneuvers, etc.) and works directly with NASA to ensure the safety of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle crews.

They task the Space Surveillance Network to observe and track satellites and match those sensor observations to the more than 15,000 man-made orbiting objects and update the position of each one. These updates form the Space Catalog, a comprehensive listing of orbital parameters for object in space. This data is used to provide the Space Surveillance Network with up-to-date information for more efficient satellite tracking.