On Oct 3, Dr. Clifford L. Thomas, founder of We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self Defense Systems will be leading a 2.7.mile Walk and Rally in observation on National Bullying Prevention Month. The event will be from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.; and a rally will commence at noon with refreshments at the Bladensburg Community Center, 4500 57th Ave.

Labeling his school and participants as Bully Busters, Thomas has invited local politicians and Bladensburg Police members to join the Let’s Stop the Bullying program and rally against bullying at the beginning of the new school year.

“We’ll also have a young girl give her testimony about how she was bullied and what she finally did to stop it,” said Thomas. During the rally the Ramblers school will also perform a couple of sketches on how to deal with bullies.

“I’ve been speaking out against bullying since 1970,” said Thomas, a noted Grand Master of 10 different martial arts disciplines.

“We’ve got to bring this bullying to a head because we need to avoid altercations like the young football player who beat another player half to death in the lunch room at school last week in Baltimore. A lot of things are happening on the bus before the kids even reach school,” said Thomas.

“I teach my students to defend themselves with alternative techniques against bullies. There was one of my students who had another kid throw a ball of paper at him on the bus. He threw it back at him and the kid beat him up very badly. The first thing I asked my student was did you block his punches. He answered yes, I kept on blocking, but he kept on punching. I asked what him what did he do next. He said I told my teacher about the incident and then I told my parents when I got home. The first thing I teach my kids to do is block weapons such as pencils or knives to protect them from serious danger,” said Thomas.

Dr. Thomas realizes the long term adverse effects bullying has on people of all ages, including students, parents, family members, seniors and even within the work force, “whether experienced through cyberspace and or in person,” said Thomas, who recently received a Maryland citation from Governor Larry Hogan for his efforts against bullying in the schools and his senior safety program. “We hope that the governor and everyone else will be able to attend our worthwhile event,” said Thomas.

To register to participate in the walk/rally go to: tkdmccutch@yahoo.com. Place on the subject line: October 3 Bullying Busters and indicate the number of participants. For information on upcoming events regarding bullying prevention and supports efforts against bullying throughout the year, visit: www.ramblers-tkd.org or call 301-277-2124. For questions, feel free to contact Dr. Thomas at 202-251-1030.

We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self Defense Systems is a registered 501 (c) and 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. To view a map of the walk route go to http://www.plotaroute.com/route/114856.