MD 355 Crossing

MD 355 Crossing is expected to be completed in 2021. It is being built to improve access to medical center metro station and increase pedestrian safety across MD 355 at Gate 2 (South Wood Rd.)

Construction began on the long-awaited Maryland 355 Crossing Project last year.

The project will create a pedestrian tunnel underneath Maryland 355 between the Medical Center Metro Station entrance and the Gate 2 entrance of NSA Bethesda.

It also includes a tunnel connecting the Medical Center Metro Station underground entrance with elevators on the opposite side of the road.

Throughout the latter part of 2017, crews worked around the clock to surgically blast away rock as the necessary holes for the final product began to take shape.

According to Montgomery County BRAC/Military Installations Coordinator Phil Alperson, the blasting will continue into 2018. That blasting will make way for the next phase of work.

“If all goes well,” he said, “the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will make progress in underground construction, connecting the deep elevator shaft to the Metro mezzanine and beginning to build the related WMATA (Metro) infrastructure so elevator users will be able to get into the Metro station.”

“MCDOT will also make further progress on the shallow pedestrian underpass,” he added, “including construction of elevators.”

Alperson said the project is currently on schedule to be completed in late 2021.