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By Donna Cipolloni

Tester staff writer

A Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) success story was written when the cleanup and removal action of a former base landfill at NAS Patuxent River, identified as Site 3, was completed in June.

The project, adjacent to Goose Creek on the eastern end of the installation, consisted of the removal of landfill waste and debris, such as concrete and metal with some minor material potentially presenting an explosive hazard, which was ultimately certified as material documented as safe.

A mechanical screener was employed to separate soil from debris, which allowed for the disposal of waste, reuse of the cleaned soil and the recycling of scrap metal and concrete.

Ecological and wildlife habitat enhancements to the area included the planting of native trees, shrubs and wetland plants.

“Although the project presented many challenges, we worked with our regulatory partners at the Environmental Protection Agency and Maryland Department of the Environment to look for ways to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the cleanup,” said David Steckler, remedial project manager with NAVFAC Washington. “We were all very pleased with the outcome.”