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Are you a kitten or cat lover? Well, you can adopt a furry friend for just $5 or, better yet, for free if you have the best dance skills.

The Prince George’s County Animal Shelter in Upper Marlboro hosted a Cat Meow Luau adoption event at the Largo facility Aug. 15 and Aug. 16 and has scheduled another luau Aug. 29-30.

Participants pay $5 to adopt a cat or kitten. But there’s a chance for cat lovers to walk away with a free pet.

“The winner of the limbo contest will actually get their cat for free,” said Rodney Taylor, associate director of the Animal Services Facility.

The fee is normally $175 and includes testing for disease, shots, a county license, a microchip, and spaying and neutering, said program manager Shari Lunsford.

Rodney Taylor, associate director of the animal shelter, said the shelter hopes to get 25 to 30 kittens adopted over the weekend.

“Our shelter usually stays pretty full, compared to the region,” Taylor said. “We certainly could use the community’s help. I call it a community problem, so we need their help to get these animals back into loving homes.”

Robin Blum found a new companion at the shelter last week. “I named my new cat Mickey that I found here today,” said Blum, who owns three other cats,.

“I expect Mickey to be a great addition to my family,” Blum said.