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The U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity Director Brian Martin assumed the position of principal assistant responsible for contracting July 27, which he will maintain in conjunction with his role as director.

With an accounting degree from Pennsylvania State University, Martin once believed his career would consist of sitting at a desk and crunching numbers as a certified public accountant. However, when he accepted a position as an intern at the USAMRAA in 1987, he knew contract negotiation provided more of the variety he needed.

“The nice thing about my job now is I never know what I’ll deal with day-to-day,” said Martin. “Issues vary from personnel to workload to facility. You name it, I encounter it.”

From an intern, he climbed up to become a contracting and grants officer before he left the USAMRAA in 2000 for a brief period, returning after three years and serving as the chief of operations, which eventually led to his leadership of the activity as director beginning November 2013.

As director, Martin oversees the USAMRAA’s daily operations, ensuring the staff of 230 at the activity meet their customers’ needs and accomplish their workload. As the PARC, he will oversee the procurement functions the USAMRAA performs.

“PARC will add a lot of additional responsibility and oversight to my role at USAMRAA. I want to carry on a positive tradition and accomplish the PARC duties in a reasonable and responsible manner,” said Martin.

Previously, the two roles of director and PARC belonged to two separate individuals. Martin believes the USAMRAA may benefit from reverting back to a method implemented under a previous command and combining the two for one person.

“It may add to efficiencies. Keeping the PARC at the USAMRAA makes the individual continuously available to the staff,” said Martin.

The USAMRAA’s staff, family-like atmosphere and military research mission with which they work brought Martin back to the organization in 2003. According to Martin, the staff was and remains a high priority for him.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the work atmosphere at the USAMRAA as well as assisting with building a quality procurement office,” said Martin. “Ultimately my goal is to make the USAMRAA a premier acquisition office, so when I leave and retire I can turn the keys over to someone and say they have a premier acquisition shop.”