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A naval flight officer teamed up with a National Guard helicopter crew to conduct the vital assessment of a military installation in the nation’s capital, Wednesday.

Navy Capt. Frank Mays, a naval flight officer and currently the commander of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB), conducted an assessment of JBAB from high above.

Mays was welcomed aboard a District of Columbia National Guard UH-72A Lakota helicopter by its pilot, National Guard Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rohn LeGore, of Detachment A-1, 1st Battalion, 224th Aviation Regiment.

Before taking flight, Mays was properly briefed on emergency procedures and safety, should an unforeseen situation happen while in the rotary wing aircraft.

He was also briefed on the helicopter’s missions and capabilities, which assists the Guardsmen to perform their wide variety of missions and tasks at home and abroad, in support of the District and the nation.

“I’m impressed with the advanced capabilities of their helicopter and its equipment. It is great to see the improvements made since the prior generation of helicopters that have been used,” Mays said.

From the helicopter, with its ability to remain stationary in hover-mode for periods of time, Mays was able to get an aerial view of JBAB and its surrounding area, enabling his ability to better assess security, environmental stewardship, structural and emergency preparedness measures already taken, those planned and those that may be needed.

“The ability to conduct this assessment from the air and have the capability to hover over any particular area of the installation to fully visualize, process and analyze what I saw, was invaluable,” Mays said.

The D.C. National Guard takes pride in its role as one of the guardians of the nation’s capital. It is also the first National Guard unit to have received the Lakota helicopter, enabling it to perform its many missions, including serving as an Air Ambulance.

“The cooperation and support between the D.C. National Guard and JBAB is extremely high. We are proud of not only having them on base as a valued mission partner, in support of our local community and nation, but also of the missions that they perform and the lives they help protect and save,” Mays concluded.