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Disasters impact hundreds of thousands of people every year, some with little to no advance warning.

It could happen here. It may happen to you.

Remember, during a disaster, emergency management and first responders are committed to helping those in need, so assistance may be delayed.

As part of the Navy community, you have a role in planning for emergencies — Be/Stay informed. Make a plan. Build a kit.

At NAS Patuxent River, we may or may not be affected by a hurricane this season. Regardless, there are other extreme weather conditions that can happen at any time, leaving us with a lasting impression — and clean up — and we need to be prepared.

Extreme weather happens around the globe in the form of floods, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and storm surge, to name a few. Knowing in a timely manner how one of these or other local hazards can impact you is important.

Be/Stay informed

Emergency alerts provide early warnings that can help keep you, your family and your friends safe with the knowledge.

Because of the significance alerts have in a crisis, all Navy, DOD civilians and contractor personnel with an NMCI or One Net user account must register their office phone number, at a minimum, in the Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN).

Benefits to Registering with WAAN

- Enhances your safety and empowers you to react in times of crisis.

- Ensures that real-time alerts provide information to you and your family on what to do and where to go in an emergency.

- Allows you to find out about base closures due to winter weather, storm, or emergencies, before you should show up.

- Permits you to get word when it is clear/safe to return to the installation

How to Register

1. NMCI and One Net users can right click on the Purple Globe icon located at the bottom right corner on desktop.

2. Select “Access Self Service.”

3. Select the “My Info” tab and update your Last Name, First Name, and Display Name and save.

4. Select the “Devices” tab and enter your work and personal contact information in the appropriate mandatory and optional device fields. Note: Email notifications are currently not an option. Your ability to receive alerts on home phones, cellular phones, pagers and email addresses, depend upon information entered into the mandatory and optional device fields.

5. Save.

Remember to update your profile any time you have a change.

Employees and family members who do not have NMCI or One Net computer access can send their contact information to the NAS Emergency Management Office at or

Make a Plan and Build a Kit with Ready Navy

Ready Navy is the Navy’s Emergency Preparedness Program and is sponsored by Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC).

Ready Navy provides the Navy community information, tools and resources that empower the Navy family to more aptly prepare for, react and recover when faced with any emergency.

The material, tips and recommendations provided by Ready Navy are closely aligned with those offered to the public by and other authoritative government resources to include the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Ready Navy website also offers ways to get the kids involved in helping the family be ready for any disaster.

Exploring the Website

The website allows you to:

 Be informed of potential hazards and what to do before, during and after an emergency;

 Understand the steps to make an emergency plan that includes what to do, where to go, and what to take with you;

 Learn to build a kit to support basic needs for a minimum of three days; and

 Access tools and resources to help you and your family prepare for emergency situations that could arise at any time with no warning.

FFSC Offers Free Info

The Fleet and Family Support Center offers free information packets filled with information from Ready Navy and local emergency management offices on how to prepare for hurricanes, severe weather and other potential emergencies. Stop by the Fleet and Family Support Center at 21993 Bundy Road, Building 2090, to get your free information bag.

Information provided by and the July 2014 CNIC Shoreline magazine.