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Joyce Jones, who works in the Department of Occupational Health at Walter Reed Bethesda, said she attends the medical center’s quarterly Prosperity Fairs because “there’s a lot of good information, family-wise as well as work-wise.”

Jones added that in general, work environments can become stressful and the Prosperity Fairs offer resources and information which can be helpful to de-stress at work and at home. “I find [the fairs] very beneficial,” she said.

Last week’s Prosperity Fair was the third held at the medical center this year to support Walter Reed Bethesda Director Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Jeffrey B. Clark’s Prosperity Plan for staff, initiated in January. The general explained that the plan, which he successfully implemented at his previous commands, is designed to strengthen the well-being of staff and is fundamental to mission success.

Clark added that Walter Reed Bethesda does three things – “fulfill the mission, take care of each other and take care of families.” The medical center’s Prosperity Plan and fairs are important in accomplishing the three, he said.

More than 35 organizations and departments participated in last week’s Prosperity Fair, according to Cmdr. Dwayne L. Buckingham, service chief for Resiliency and Psychological Health Service, and Dr. Joan Y. Gordon, program manager for the service. Both describe the event as “a huge success.”

“We made contact with over 1,000 service members, civilians, contract employees, volunteers and family members,” Gordon said.

“We were able to showcase an array of resources and helping agencies while also promoting the importance of teamwork and unity as we strive to accomplish our mission,” Buckingham added. He said the fairs emphasize the importance of taking care of each other and those who attend them can receive “a wealth of educational and life-enhancing information” to better equip them to meet their personal, professional, spiritual and relationship goals.

“It’s important to participate in activities that boost morale and create positive synergy,” Buckingham continued. “Together, we can create a caring and positive environment in which individuals can prosper personally, professionally, spiritually and in their relationships. Resilient people find solutions in problems. In contrast, troubled people find problems in every solution. Facilitating quarterly Prosperity Plan Fairs is just one way to help enhance individual resiliency and let staff know what we do matters.”

Some of the organizations, departments and services that participated in last week’s Prosperity Fair included the Department of Pastoral Care; Fleet & Family Support Center; Employee Assistance Program; Morale, Welfare and Recreation; Bethesda Area Chief Petty Officer Association; Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Services; Resiliency and Psychological Health Service; Public Health-Preventative Medicine Department; American Red Cross; Army Education Services and Navy College; Reiki (a meditative practice that promotes stress relief, balance and self-healing); and others.

“I think it’s important for people to come and participate because it really is a good opportunity for them to be exposed to different areas of growth,” said Walter Reed Bethesda chief chaplain, Army Maj. John. C. Lim, who was at the event providing information to attendees.

“We as chaplains cover the spiritual component, and I think that’s important, but you also have the physical, personal, professional and other areas for people to take a look at, which makes this more comprehensive for overall health and well-being,” Lim added.

The next Prosperity Fair is planned for October, Buckingham said.

For more information about the Prosperity Fair or WRNMMC Prosperity Plan, call Dr. Joan Gordon at 301- 319-3817.