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Fort Detrick leaders kicked off the Army Medicine’s Performance Triad campaign June 2-6, emphasizing sleep, activity and nutrition.

Leading the initiative, Barquist Army Health Clinic staff organized activities ranging from a lecture series to massage therapy sessions geared to Soldiers, civilians and their families.

“The Performance Triad is an initiative started by the Surgeon General to promote maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to reducing the cost of health care,” said Barquist Army Health Clinic Commander Col. Mitchell Brew.

Installation leadership launched the celebration at a Performance Triad proclamation signing ceremony June 2 in Building 810. During the ceremony, U.S. Army Garrison, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and other tenant leaders pledged to promote, maintain, restore and improve the health, readiness and resilience of service members, their families, and the community.

After completing a 1.5 mile activity challenge at the Odom Fitness Center track, Sgt. Julia Puente, a medical logistician with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases said, “It’s really a benefit for us to be healthy. It can be so simple. Even if we only work out for five minutes in our offices -- that is all it takes.”

Organizers concluded the week-long recognition with a tour of the Fort Detrick commissary led by Lt. Col. James L. Weinstein, a nutritionist with the U.S. Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity, June 6.

During his guided tour, Weinstein noted that it is much easier to understand best practices in nutrition at the “point of sale” versus in a classroom. Weinstein explained that all food can be categorized as a carbohydrate, protein or fat. He offered recommendations on those products participants should purchase and in what quantities.

“The single most important thing you need to consider is color. If we add three colors to every plate, we can start eating healthy,” said Weinstein. “Also, strive to purchase minimally processed foods that are closer to the farm.”

Commenting on the impact the Performance Triad initiative will have on the Soldier, the Surgeon General and commander of the U.S. Army Medical Command Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho wrote in a general message to the command, “This culture change will be hard, and will take the collective efforts and support of everyone to make it happen, and keep up the momentum. When one initiative is completed, it should be followed by another and another... like waves, and these efforts should never stop.”

Poised to follow this advice, the Barquist Army Health Clinic is already in the midst of planning their next Performance Triad event, which will be a 12-week health challenge. To learn more about the challenge, and other related activities contact the Fort Detrick Performance Triad Officer at (301) 619-9706.

For more information on tips for sleeping better, exercising and eating healthy, visit the Performance Triad webpage at