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By Donna Cipolloni

Tester staff writer

Warm weather often spurs the inclination to clean up and clean out, but remember, the dumpsters around Naval Air Station Patuxent River are not for offloading your unwanted goods or debris. While households on base are encouraged to utilize the installation’s recycling containers for their recyclables, the dumpsters are intended for government refuse only. Anyone observing unauthorized dumping should contact base security at 301-342-3208.

- Between 3,500-4,000 tons of municipal solid waste is collected per year at Pax River. This is the normal waste removed daily from office buildings, hangars, etc.

- The Navy recycles eight different categories of material: scrap metal, paper, cardboard, glass, food grease, plastics, wood and yard waste. Last year, Pax River recycled a little under 1,500 tons.

- An additional 15,000 tons of construction debris was also collected in 2013 and was recycled, whenever possible.

- The average individual generates two to three pounds of trash per day. With approximately 22,000 people working on base, personnel are reminded to recycle their waste in the specialized containers provided in their office buildings.

With last week’s base and bay cleanup efforts complete, everyone is encouraged to continue that effort by reducing, recycling and properly disposing of any trash they create.