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Circuit Court Judge Shelia R. Tillerson Adams proudly announced that the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County received approval from the Court of Appeals of Maryland on May 14 to establish a veterans’ court in Prince George’s County. The Honorable Beverly J. Woodard will reportedly be the presiding judge for the court. She will be supported by Julisa Robinson (Director of the Office of Problem Solving Courts for Prince George’s County Circuit Court) and a team of partners who will help facilitate successful operation. Hundreds of local veterans who qualify for the program are expected to be assisted with obtaining services through the first veterans’ court in Maryland.

“Through this court, the team will be able to address cases that will stem from post-traumatic stress syndrome, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness. They will ensure that veterans get the services they need and work with the veterans through recovery. These services will go a long way to restore pride, dignity, and family relationships. We will support our veterans once we get them here in veterans’ court. We will see them through,” said Judge Tillerson Adams.

Mentorship will play a critical role. During the fifth annual muster that was held in Upper Marlboro, Judge Shelia R. Tillerson Adams explained that models around the country prove to be successful, because of the mentors of veterans who work with the court. Each veteran who comes into the court will be paired with a veteran who successfully transitioned back into society. A call for volunteers to partner with the court immediately followed the announcement.

“We need our veterans to assist us to make this court successful.”