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Some Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) employees will continue to have access to a command-sanctioned physical fitness program designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

The Physical Fitness Promotion Program runs from Jun 1 – 30 providing a variety of exercises for some JBAB Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) civilian employees.

The commander’s intent is to encourage and motivate employees to develop a healthy lifestyle via exercise, while enhancing their quality of life and workplace activity.

Physical activities include running, jogging, walking, cycling, yoga as well as the use of the JBAB Fitness and Aerobic Centers. While related to the overall objective of physical conditioning, activities such as meditation and napping are excluded from the program as they are not physical fitness per se, policy states.

The program is voluntary and it offers employees a maximum of three hours of physical fitness per week. Each physical fitness session is to be 59 minutes long or less of official work time.

Certified Exercise Physiologist and Health Promotion Coordinator at JBAB’s Health and Wellness Center Janet Grund explained how the program works.

“When they come in, as a civilian entering into the exercise program, they first get a consult from me and in that they will have an assessment of their Body Mass Index (BMI), which will be indicative of their nutrition needs. It will include their body fat percentage, which will indicate their fitness level,” Grund said.

This information is then used to assign a customized “get well” plan and a tracking service that will enable participants to engage in follow- up appointments to see if the plan is working and to see that the results are being recorded, she explained.

If the desired physical goals are not being achieved by those participating in the physical fitness program, then specific action will be taken to target those obstacles, according to Grund.

“If we find barriers to their success, we then strategize a plan to eliminate those barriers and perhaps get to the bottom of things with more specialized testing such as our metabolic analyzer. This will help us to know exactly how their body is metabolizing their calories,” she explained.

This data, Grund said, assists in the designing of a customized food plan for a specific individual.

Grund provides outreach briefings on health promotion and preventative medicine urging healthier lifestyles.

JBAB civilian employees interested in participating or continuing to participate in the physical fitness program are required to obtain approval from their supervisor. For more information about the program contact your supervisor or refer to JBAB NOTE 6110 available from the JBAB administrative officer or your supervisor.

For more information on the Health and Wellness Center call 202-404-1563 or email